1st batch of WP photos.

WorkPlay pictures from ‘Gray Charles’.

Thanks, GC.


10 Responses to 1st batch of WP photos.

  1. Cali50 says:

    Love these pictures but would have also liked to have seen someone take the camera out of Gray’s hands and sneak a picture of him in there! I agree that Chris has kids and that makes him in a whole different group than these guys. Even though Bucky is married, no kids makes a big difference.

  2. deejay says:

    Some of the speculation about Chris (elsewhere, not here) is a bit off-putting. My gut feeling is that, hey, he’s got a wife and kids and few chances on this tour to spend any time with them. If I was him, I’d be with my family on one of these rare “free” nights. If there hadn’t been any Workplay gig last night, I bet Taylor would have been hanging with his friends and family, soaking up some “home” to take with him on the 2d half of this tour.

    Love the pictures, Gray. It’s nice that so many people at Workplay were thoughtful and remembered those of us who couldn’t be there. I’ll try and repay the favor when the tour passes through Dallas.

  3. Elphaba26 says:

    As always, thanks Gray and Ash. Great pictures.

  4. daunchan says:

    I would bet that Chris has his family with him in Birmingham. It’s not all that far from North Carolina.

  5. King Proehl says:

    Thanks Gray Charles. Those were some cool pictures. Neat to see Ace, Bucky, and Elliot there too. I Chris a cast off?

  6. Julie Gray-Roller says:

    Good job Gray! Thanks for the photos.

  7. Linda T. says:

    Thanks for the pix Gray. #4327 ……yowsa!!

  8. deejay says:

    Thanks Gray!! And thanks Ash for hosting the party here last night! And Liz for sneaking us into the house through the backdoor! It boggles the mind to think of all the years of great music and amazing performances like this that we have to look forward to with Taylor! sigh.

  9. Amy says:

    Thanks for getting these out so quickly! I’m a zombie today…but sleep can wait! I’m doing what I love!!!

  10. OSB says:

    Running in while already running late to work – what a treat to see – will last me the rest of the day. I’m going to feel like crap by tomorrow after the road trip to Ft. Laud AI concert past weekend , Workplay pbp last night, and tonight’s pbp from B’ham. Worth every second of lost sleep!

    Thanks Gray & Ash for the wake-up!

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