Two Morning Buzz Videos from Fox News 6 in B’ham.

Link One.

Link Two.


Photos and a nice recap of last night’s show have been posted on Emily’s Everything.

A video from Fox News 13 of Taylor speaking about the upcoming album.

and Dr. Hicks talks with Fox News 6 about Taylor’s return to Birmingham.


9 Responses to Two Morning Buzz Videos from Fox News 6 in B’ham.

  1. mojavedesertgirl says:

    News at 10! Ace ate pie!
    Seriously – these little media bits are always entertaining. I wonder if Dr. Hicks’ practice has seen a sudden increase of Soul Patrol patients…and Fox’s Janice is such a FAN, it’s very cute. Smitten, like us all.

    But whoooo hoooo…that one moment when Taylor looks up while singing…just dropped me dead. As the one lady said, that’s the REAL Taylor.

  2. SoulForever says:

    Please disregard previous request for workplay video….site keeps relocating video.

  3. SoulForever says:

    Sorry, my link doesn’t take you directly to video. It is third video down on sidebar on this page….titled Taylor Hicks at Workplay 08/07/06

  4. SoulForever says:

    I am absolutely blown away by the “Hold On To Your Love” set….one of my favs. I knew Taylor and his band would be great in person but this is more than I imagined. His talent and command of the stage has me sitting here planning my trip to where ever his solo tour might lead me.

    To answer your earlier question GC…..Taylor is HOT!!

    Someone….please, please upload the video on this link to some site from where I can download.

  5. Soultry says:

    I think Taylor looks sexier than I have ever seen a man look. He must have some deep love of music that I have never seen in a performer. I wonder how deep he goes.

  6. Cali50 says:

    Love the interview with Dr. Hicks. He always gives a little personal insight into our man. I think it was very smart of Taylor to fly to BHam from Tampa. It gave him some good “down time” with family and friends before anyone even knew he was there. Coming in the back gate and they didn’t even know he was in town yet! Can you imagine being in what ever restaurant they took the guys out to for lunch?

  7. katja says:

    Yeaah, I’m listening to Michael Warren at the moment…very good stuff!!!

  8. deejay says:

    lots of nice buzz for Michael Warren on the net today. his tour schedule is already pretty impressive. good stuff!

    Thanks for posting all this great media, Ash. I can’t partake until I get home tonight (damn fun-filtering work computers!), but I intend to drink it all in later!! A nice prelude to the B’ham pbp tonight . . .

  9. Basenji says:

    Reposting on this more appropriate thread:

    I’m digging this Michael Warren guy (the opening act for LiMBO last night according to Emily at her blog). His music isn’t necessarily causing me to freak out Tay Tay style, but it’s quaffable stuff. I can imagine sitting on a porch, drinking a cold one to it.

    Anyone have any comments about his set at Work Play? The only place I saw his name mentioned was at that blog. Can you imagine being the warm up act in the room full of Soul Patrol freaks (and I mean freaks in the most affectionate way)? PS he’s from Hoover, AL, hmm…

    Official website:

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