A few hundred people, the volume of thousands.

video credit: Tappanga.


14 Responses to A few hundred people, the volume of thousands.

  1. Judy says:

    This video is a testament to how much Taylor andLMBO are loved !!!! Words and vidoes alone can’t capture what it is like to be there with them !!!!! There is an electricity in the room that I have never before witnessed !!!!!! and I have been to many concerts in my fifty years. Both Taylor and LMBO will set the music world on fire,they can’t miss they are outstanding on stage ,a definite do not miss you will be astounded I promise !!!!!!

  2. JAG says:

    I too had the pleasure of seeing LMBO in CT and was blown away by them Taylor and LMBO an explosive combination,not to be missed by anyone.If you have the opportunity run don’t walk these guys are HOT!!!!!!!!!!! They are the new wave of music and very welcome!!!!!!!

  3. Kathop says:

    To all the ones that said NO……..WOW when your wrong you are really wrong!! Taylor Hicks and the LiMBO band a new wave across the music industry….to Randy and Paula….you know talent!!!

  4. deejay says:

    Holy shit! Wall of Noise! Yes Yes Yes! Taylor so deserves this, as do Brian, Mitch, Zippy, Sam and Jeff, super musicians, gifted. They’ve worked hard for years to get their music heard and now they’re playing to sold out, rockin’, screamin’ crowds. As they move forward, some of the screaming will die down, but the music will just shine even more! I’m trying to imagine this time next year…wow.

  5. taylorsfan says:

    Cheers!!! here’s to many more to come…..love our soulman

  6. Ms Ei says:

    When British author Neil Gaiman came over in 2005, he was greeted with what he called a ‘wall of noise’. It was a phrase of appreciation, of course, for his fans because who would have thought to greet a nice, quiet and introspective author like a rock star?

    ‘Wall of noise’ would apply here as well, I think, and in the same context. So much love and appreciation for Taylor from the audience. I may not be a screamer nor do I swoon, but if I’m in that audience, I’ll be smiling from ear to ear. 🙂

  7. Lab says:

    Wow. All I can think of are those old live recordings where the people made small talk the whole time he was singing. Just so happy for him! That’s all I can say. Except for this…I will be one of those screaming with all I got in me tonight in Nashville. Welcome to Music City Taylor!!!

  8. katja says:

    hear, hear!

  9. Basenji says:

    While “Holy Shit” is indeed a most applicable descriptor for the events we witness in the above video, Katja and I have determined that the technical term for the Taylor Hicks experience is: löyly. It is a Finnish word for when you are in a sauna, you pour water over the hot rocks and you are enveloped in warming and healing steam.

    To read more:

    Thanks to everyone for providing the löyly via the internet. Wish I could have had direct Taylor löyly at Work Play…

  10. Hicknic says:

    Yes, Ivecompletely, don’t know how many times I heard sweet, pregnant daughter Patience, scream Holy Shit!! My heart was racing and I heard myself saying Gawd Almighty, over and over.
    “They call him the Breeze, Blowing Down the Road?, I call him the first Catagory 5 Hurricane of the season and we wll never be able to put the roof back on this house! IT IS BLOWN AWAY!

  11. LANative says:

    Not sure it’s “Holy Shit” to the experience, but rather to the screaming into the camera Mic!

    Guess you had to be there 😉

  12. ivecompletelylostmymind says:

    Yes… “Holy Shit!!!” would definitely describe the scene. It was like nothing I have ever experienced in my entire life!

  13. katja says:

    I will quote Gray,

    Holy shit!!!!!

  14. mojavedesertgirl says:

    That scared all the cats right outta the room.

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