Here comes James Morrison (a.k.a. The James Blunt Who?? post)

James Morrison is a young, fresh singer-songwriter whose debut pop album, Undiscovered, has taken the British charts by storm and is permeating the American music scene as I write this. The raspy voiced Morrison states Cat Stevens, Al Green, and Otis Redding among his musical influences, and listening to his album you can hear the Soul and slight folk influences shine through.

James Morrison- “Better Man”

James Morrison- “The Letter”


26 Responses to Here comes James Morrison (a.k.a. The James Blunt Who?? post)

  1. nvrlnd23 says:

    i like his voice also.. nice lyrics..

  2. PST says:

    Ash, you need to promote your blog more on the boogie forums. I forget there are such amazing gems/entries here.

    I’ve been going through older entries after the combination of the heads up on Basenji’s post and also reading the comments on Gray.

    I’ll be looking for that James Morrison album at the latest record store going out of business (Tower Records)

  3. patsne says:

    Oooh, these are so pretty. Thanks, Ash!

  4. Basenji says:

    Lakeside: Nice! In what briar patch are they growing these lovely growly boys?
    Yes, agree like the acoustic version of Last Request better. I’ll have to hear more or him though, or perhaps I’ll come back to him in a year or two. He seems like a tight young wine, will be much more ready to drink in a few years.

  5. Lakeside says:

    Another breaking artist here in the UK with broadly similar looks and style to Blunt and Morrison is Paolo Nutini Obviously it’s a good time to be a young male folksy singer-songwriter in Britain – the A&R men are all looking for Blunt-a-likes after his success.

    I actually knew of Paolo before either Blunt or Morrison because I chanced to catch his set in London a couple of years ago before he was signed. He was just 17 at the time and I thought he could use a few years to mature but reckoned he’d probably go places if the music industry happened to trend the right way for him, and it has. His current hit song is “Last Request” which appears 3 times on his myspace page (I prefer the live versions myself) and that one’s pretty good in my opinion. I’m not especially sold on the others that appear there tbh (Sugar Man is growing on me, though) but he’s in my “Got potential – keep an eye on him” category.

    The only thing that concerns me, if I may have a minor rant for a moment, is that his schedule looks insane. He’s still only 19/20 and I fear his record company will burn him out if they’re not careful. He has a raft of sold out shows to play in the UK plus hitting the Continent and hopping over to the States for Austin City Limits in September. I hope he’ll be worth hearing by the time he gets there – I’ve heard some recent fan videos and he sounded…rough – because they’re pushing him too hard IMO. I hate what they do to these kids once they start to hit it big 😦 (/end rant)

    Anyway, just thought he was worth a mention.

  6. Basenji says:

    THe OPPOSITE sensation of my James BLunt flesh crawl is the melancholy shiver I get listening to “Bird Girl” (Antony & the Johnsons) or the joyful feeling of a large stone splashing into a cool river when I hear Taylor growl on “Naked in the Jungle.” Opposite to flesh crawling is the nostalgic, openhearted, free feeling I have every time I hear Van Morrison’s “Be Thou My Vision” (personal thing). How about how I smile everytime I listen to the insane and hysterical Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York”? Oh God, how about Otis Redding live at the Monterey International Pop Festival doing “Try a Little Tenderness”? Gah…my flesh can be moved in so many wonderful ways…

  7. Basenji says:

    The sound of Blunt’s voice makes my flesh crawl, no kidding. Maybe I have a thing for tenors (wink). It’s interesting to think this over, because AI Ace also makes my flesh crawl (he did from the moment I heard him, and don’t tell me he’s a nice boy, I don’t care) and Ace does a lot of falsetto. Hmm, I guess that’s my problem, the voice. But it’s also Blunt’s music, too poppy in a predictable way. I never feel surprised by any of the songs, like why did this song need to exist?

    Love Antony & the Johnsons and Jimmy Scott, so it isn’t a problem of high voices on men, it’s an issue of making me feel the music had to be written and performed, that the music was hanging in the heavens to show me a different way to look at the universe. To me, Blunt is the same pop crap I already hear all over the place.

  8. Omphalos says:

    The way Morrison riffs is kinda like Elliott, no?

    I’m neutral on Blunt but my boyfriend is a junkie. It’s interesting that he elicits such strong responses, both pos and neg. What’s up with that? For example, Basenji, why do you all-caps-hate him? Is it oversaturation? Or is there something else? Curious to get y’all’s take on the Blunt love/hate fest.

  9. Basenji says:

    HATE James Blunt, btw.

  10. Basenji says:

    Nice stuff. Nice. I’m liking these younger men, must be I’m reaching my “prime”…

  11. colette says:

    Great, thanks for this. I’ve always known there was some soulful young’uns out there, now if they could just break through to the light….

  12. skeptickle says:

    I still like James Blunt. I couldn’t listen to his songs one after the other but mixed with other music its still a nice sound. I’m ready for a new CD though with some different stuff.

  13. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Hickstyeria, I was just about to post that he sounds incredibly like Stevie Wonder both in style and voice on The Letter. I love it.

    I’m so over James Blunt. My interest in him lasted all of a month like a summer school girl crush.

  14. Lalapalooza says:

    Thanks again Ash!! Love it. To me, his voice sounds a little like Rod Stewart, particularly in Better Man, not so much in The Letter (which is my favorite)!!

  15. StagingLt says:


    Yep, that about says it. Thanks for yet another great find, Ash!

  16. deejay says:

    nice. so with music like this out there, why does every radio station in Dallas play crap?!! ok, that’s a bit rough but wouldn’t it be nice to find this on at least one button while driving home? but then, I could say that about most of the music Ash (and Gray) have introduced me to. I hate to live only in CDs and not “connect” with the world through radio, but we need radio to start connecting to us. sigh. gonna go listen to the letter again.

  17. Hickstyeria says:

    Love his voice. Another wonderful find and I love the fact that my musical tastes are still evolving!

    Did anyone else hear the sound of Stevie Wonder in ‘Better Man’?

  18. A. says:

    You should be able to access the boogie board.

  19. taylorsfan says:

    ash, thank you….i love it.

  20. krusty says:

    I would love to listen to James Morrisson, but hubby came home early and passed out on the couch in our office. Grrr..

    And am I the only one who thinks James Blunt is boring? Claire, I couldn’t handle it over there in JB saturated land!

    And is it just me, or did the Boogie Board self-implode? It won’t even come up. Heeeelp starting to enter withdrawal over here…

  21. Claire says:

    LOL, thank God, people who don’t know/care who James Blunt is!!! We’re saturated with the bugger over here.

  22. SoulYankee says:

    We’re on the same wavelength, Ash! This guy’s on my list of artists to blog about. I found him through the BBC’s music review site, quite by accident, actually–went to click on their article about Van and my mouse slipped up one line. I love accidental finds 🙂 He’s good. Nice amount of raspiness to his voice–just enough to still have a good clarity to his sound. Thanks for the great audio clips!

  23. LindaJ says:

    Purchased his album “Undiscovered” after hearing him live on “Later with Jools Holland”. This young man’s voice taps into something deep in ones soul effortlessly; it’s plainly obvious where his influences lie. Although my personal favourites on the album are “Undiscovered” and “Wonderful World” there isn’t a bad track. He has an amazing voice it’s very soulful and I strongly recommend his album.

  24. katja says:

    Thanks, I’m listening to “the letter” now. I think his voice sounds a lot like Ray Lamontagne’s.

    Yes, adding to the list too…

  25. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Thank you ! This is just the kind of stuff I musically eat up – folksy soul storytelling singer with an edgy voice. Adding it to the list…

  26. Mmm. I love his voice. He just won me over – 5 seconds of ‘the letter’ and I know. 😉 Speaking of James Blunt – Morrison and him do look alike in that picture, its probably just the hair style. But I agree – James Blunt who?

    Thanks for the heads up ash! I swear, my selection in my ipod would be a lot smaller if it werent for posts like this.

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