Buddy Guy, Roland Kirk and Jack Bruce – Kansas City (1969)


9 Responses to Buddy Guy, Roland Kirk and Jack Bruce – Kansas City (1969)

  1. Cross Mama has no time for Rahsaan’s showboating. I, on the other hand, never tire of his antics. Nice video.

  2. EJ says:

    This is great Ash! I remember when I realized that all the great rock guitarists literally sat at the feet of the great blues guitar players that came before them. Bruce looks like he’s having a blast. Clapton, Paige, Richards- they all paid tribute. I have a great album, which I think is Scandinavian in origin (the liner notes are incomprehensible), that has collected the original blues versions of all the famous Led Zeppelin songs that they”adapted’ for the rock audience, such as Killing Floor, Your Time is Gonna Come, etc. It’s pretty cool.

  3. pc325 says:

    Buddy was great!

  4. pc325 says:

    Ash, thanks for this! I am going to see Buddy Guy tomorrow night. A first for me…cool!

  5. snoopysoul says:

    Great song – but the audience was kinda odd looking. Esp. “cross mamma”.

  6. flowersky says:

    Enjoyed this music. Anyone notice “cross mamma” 1:17-1:20 seconds in? Funny to see!

  7. Phile says:

    1) I’ve been looking forward to this all day. Great stuff

    2) I could be completely off base, but I sense a gauntlet has been thrown down – what are the chances of seeing a reed player from a certain band we all know throw down by playing a bari sax and contra-bass clarinet at the same time? 😉 😉 😉

    As always, thanks.

  8. kai4855 says:

    thanks the opportunity to enjoy Rashaan Roland Kirk .. I’d tell the genie of the lamp that one of my 3 wishes would be to be there when he performed his live version of “If I Loved You” as captured on his “Bright Moments” album disk 2.

  9. deejay says:

    really enjoyed this, Ash. I made the mistake of going out a-lurking this morning…got majorly depressed on the net…came back here and this just brought back my smile! great music and great musicians! thanks! (sorry, no great intellectual analysis from me…just lovin’ it!)

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