B.B. King- I Got Some Outside Help I Don’t Need.

Live In Africa (1974) .


4 Responses to B.B. King- I Got Some Outside Help I Don’t Need.

  1. Jenk says:

    Whew! That is hot stuff! As far as the blues are concerned, I’m still a Kindergartner, but I am happy to be a student at the Boogie Academy. This music is just what I need right now. Thanks, Ash!

  2. Clikee says:

    Thanks for this, Ash! Saw BB King live at the Pier in Seattle a few years back. The man has so much passion! He sat most of the time during the concert on a straight back chair. Sitting didn’t keep him from rolling like the ocean during his solos, patting his chest with eyes closed when singing particularly moving phrases. He spoke quite a bit about his upcoming tours, his age, and his health challenges, but all in all he made it clear he had no plans on slowing down.

  3. deejay says:

    thanks, Ash! I’ve been feeling the blues lately…sometimes I wonder…I think I’m drowning in Taylor Hicks/LMBO sensory overload. This feels like a deep breath to me right now. really appreciate you sharing this.

  4. CATaylorFan says:

    Wow! Thanks Ash. This reminds me of a three week road trip we took throughout the South and the great blues we heard along the way. We went to B. B. King’s Blues Club in Memphis. Now I’m yearning for another trip through the South and some great live Blues.

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