Ain’t I’m Clean??

We’ve done the smooth jazz thing.  But night is rolling in on this Holiday weekend and now it’s time to party.

So how about a little funk?

Rufus Thomas- Breakdown


14 Responses to Ain’t I’m Clean??

  1. A. says:

    I’m glad so many of you like it.

    I think that the footage is from Wattstax.

  2. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    I could not sit here to watch that. How DARE you, Ash!!!!

    Those clothes, those hats, that beat. Nope, I could not sit for a minute. I had to get up and dance around the room … twice.

  3. Claire says:

    Wow, it was ‘fro city there!!! Crazy hair!!

  4. cmoore says:

    Clothes like he was wearing is what my husband sold for years in a 5-8 state territory. He also wore them, thus was known here at our church as the white soul daddy!! Man, that pink outfit was “stylin'” He was a hoot!! I loved the video!

  5. Phile says:

    Watched it, loved it, read the comments and saw SoulForever mention Carla Thomas. It wasn’t until then that I made the connection that this was the same man I’d seen in the documentary “Only the Strong Survive.”

    Sad to see that he’s since passed, but he’s left some wonderful stuff. I’m watching it again now!

  6. Cali50 says:

    Break it down! You sure know how to make us smile! I love it!

  7. Jan says:

    Funk was just what I needed… It makes me want to pull out my Parliament.

  8. susieq3c says:

    I had to comment before I finished watching the video…I love it already. Love the style, love the boots, love the confidence. What a blast!

  9. SoulForever says:

    Or was it halftime?

  10. DuLaRay says:

    Love the Rufus! Many, many years ago I worked at a photography studio in Memphis and we did a full day with Rufus for a photo shoot for album cover and publicity. What a great man, so full of life! It was during his “hotpants and capes” era. If you don’t know much about Rufus please check him out. I learned to do “The Breakdown” and “The Funky Chicken” from the master himself and he taught me how to barbeque fish, delicious. He would come by and bring me new records he had recorded and ask my opinion, he wanted a young persons outlook on his music. I treasure these memories. He was one of many musicians we photographed in the 70’s but he was by far my favorite. This is SOUL at it’s finest!

  11. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I’m guessing…1971? Love those boots! That was wild – I really really want one of those hats!deejay already beat me to it, but I’ll say it anyway: funkity funk funk!

  12. SoulForever says:

    Ash, what a coincidence….I was just watching the Carla Thomas (Pick Up the Pieces) youtube video which appears to be from the same concert. I had a Carla Thomas LP in the 60’s that I played over and over and over…..drove everyone crazy. I believe Rufus sang with her on Tramp. Would love to see who else was at that concert.

  13. deejay says:

    and people thought Taylor’s purple jacket was a little loud?! ha! this is great stuff, Ash. funkity-funk! great audience – would have been fun to be there!

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