Workplay DVD Preview. has posted a preview of the DVD footage from the August Little Memphis Blues Orchestra performance at Workplay. From the looks of the preview it will be a great dvd. I don’t think there has been word on a release date yet. I’ll let you all know as soon as I do.

See the preview here.


13 Responses to Workplay DVD Preview.

  1. Reba in the Prairie says:

    Theresa K – I’m rather late to this post, don’t know if you’ll even see this, but I’m looking to connect with other Soul Patrolers in the Twin Cities. Was at O’Garas, and certainly didn’t care how good the sound system was at the time, but this will be a great, quality DVD to have. E-mail me if you’re inclined:

  2. Tiana says:

    Great job Brian!!!! We are so proud of you. Keep up the GREAT work. I knew that you were absolutely fab. But this just blew me away. Stay true.

  3. april4hicks says:

    Let it play all the way through, choppy, then hit the rewind button and it’ll play smooth. btw, they are great and I can’t wait to buy this dvd!

  4. Well I was so blown away I was provoked to post a response. I would just as easily buy anything Brian Less puts out as well as Taylor. I knew Brian was wicked good on keyboards but I never, ever knew he had a voice like THAT. Beam me up Scotty, that boy can sing.

    Put it out there Brian, I’ll buy it. Never seen LMBO but this was all I needed to hear.

  5. Claire says:

    Feck!! It’s completely stop-starty for me, I couldn’t watch it for fear of losing my lunch. Love LMBO, though!! Wish they’d play over here.

  6. Shelley says:

    That turned out GREAT!

    Man…the sound quality is wonderful…so much better than actually being there (it was so loud I really missed a lot of the nuances (sp?) of Brian’s vocals and piano).

    Oh…and I LOVE seeing the back of my head! I’m a star, baby!


    Thanks for sharing, Ash.

  7. OldBoFan says:

    Really excellent of preview of things to come. Thanks for posting, Ash.

  8. Linda T. says:

    Awww this was awesome, thanks for the preview!! Can you believe this is the first time I’ve heard Brian’s voice? Wow!

  9. Theresa K. says:

    This will be a great DVD to own! I enjoyed the small setting of the LMBO concert at O’Gara’s in St. Paul, but the poor sound system cranked up too high caused a lot of muddling of the sound. Listening to this clip from the DVD makes me realize that the band is even better than they sounded that night. Brian Less certainly is the big surprise here. I assumed that Taylor Hicks had picked a good band, but Brian Less has an incredible voice, stage presence and outstanding piano skills. The whole band is just a big surprise. Can’t wait for the DVD!

  10. katja says:

    Wooooo! And look at all those familiar faces in the audience!!! 🙂

  11. katja says:

    OH YEAAAAAAAH!!!! This is excellent! I can’t wait! I hope they don’t put any codes there so I can watch the dvd in Finland without any ripping to do. EXCELLENT!!! WOOOoooooOOOoooOOOoo!!!!

  12. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Just as good to watch the …dozenth? time around…Brian is fun to watch. Yes, amazing sound and visual quality – but I have to say the very frequent camera switches is a TAD annoying. But won’t judge the whole on the basis of a peek. CANNOT wait to see the whole show. I’m probably overstating – but WorkPlay could become Taylor/LMBO’s equivalent to Springsteen’s Concert at the Hammersmith Odeon, in the context of a future historical look back at the early days of the band. Yeah yeah yeah, I got the woo frenzy bad!

  13. Cali50 says:

    Oh, Ash! This is excellent! The quality is amazing. Do you know where and how we’ll be able to purchase this? Thanks for the teaser.

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