Entertainment Weekly interview w/ Taylor Hicks.

EW writer Tanner Stansky and Taylor Hicks recently did an interview for EW, where Hicks talked about the ‘vibe’ of his new album, the all-important chemistry factor when writing a song, and being an “everyday kind of dude”.

Check it out here on EW.com.

(bloggers note: Am I the only one who thinks of Moog meets Marvin (Gaye) when Taylor mentions the meeting of soul and new-wave?)


4 Responses to Entertainment Weekly interview w/ Taylor Hicks.

  1. Phile says:

    I think more Roland than Moog ;). But that’s just me.

    Then I think of this guy: http://www.reggiewatts.com

    And this band: http://www.maktub.com – I recommend the video entitled “Maktub Showbox 2003.”

  2. Linda T. says:

    LOL I did have a vision of Devo meets Ray Charles?? But looking forward to it anyway….

  3. Phandi says:

    Ooh, that’s tiny little type…suggest possibly enlarging just a tad???
    I have very little idea what Taylor meant by soul and new wave… guess I’ll have to give a listen to that Smooth album…
    Love, love, looooove that article ‘though…so darned exciting, all these little hints and clues. Secrets, surprises, new TH original…good good good!

  4. A. says:


    I did not mean to imply that I thought Moog Synthesizers and Theremin were only prominently used in new wave. After all, one of the first mainstream albums to use a Moog was The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

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