Little Memphis Blues Orchestra. Coming to a town near you??


9/12– 10:30 PM- Old Smithe’s Bar- Atlanta, GA

9/16- 10:00 PM- Ona’s Music Room- Birmingham, AL

9/21- 10:30- Asylum- Portland, ME

9/23- 10:30 PM- Daniel Street- Milford, CT

*9/24– 10:30 PM- Woodlands Inn & Resort- Wilkes-Barre , PA

*9/30– 7:30 PM -Bluegill- Mobile, AL (Fundraiser for Kid One Transport)

10/06- 8:00 PM- Booth- Tuscaloosa, AL

10/12- 9:00 pm- Music Farm- Charleston, SC

11/03- 7:00 PM- Music In The Gardens- Hoover, AL

10:00 PM- Little Willies- Tuscaloosa, AL
11/18- 10:00 PM – Little Willies- Tuscaloosa, AL

12/23- 10:00 PM – Marty’s- Birmingham, AL


10 Responses to Little Memphis Blues Orchestra. Coming to a town near you??

  1. Molly says:

    At Smith’s, a girl was passing around an email sign up sheet for info on an extra appearance in SC that doesn’t seem to be on the list. Does anyone remember where it was supposed to be?

  2. babynco says:

    I think I am moving South, so I can see all the LMBO shows. I will be known from now on as babynco / ya all.

  3. deejay says:

    damn budget and dang Christmas and nephews and niece wanting gifts and damn credit card limits…damn damn damn!

    No Little Willie’s for me. No Marty’s for me. But the next time LMBO gets within a 5-6 hour drive from Dallas –

    Boogie-ers who go to any of these shows MUST report back!

  4. sheryl says:

    it is milford ct not midford is anyone going ?

  5. deejay says:

    Little Willies as a birthday present to myself? Marty’s as a Christmas present to myself? but I don’t deserve these presents. why is Alabama beckoning to me so insistently? and if anyone else here was going to either of those shows…well, it’d be a pity to miss them…hint hint

  6. AmyH says:

    I wish I could go to all of them! When are they coming to Knoxville, dangit??

  7. LANative says:

    Talk about dissappointment:

    AI Tour-Sacramento was barely passable; It’s Mandesa’s Hometown and they gave her extra time, so Taylor did only 4 numbers: JR, LITC, TITTS, DIMYP (a non-event for me, ALWAYS!), none of which were even as good as the competition nights. None of his own stuff, and frankly the spectacle made me cringe; he ran all over the place like a Squirrel on Crank!
    Run across the stage;
    Pick up the guitar;
    Toss it over your shoulder;
    Play a few bars;
    Lose the guitar;
    Pick up the tamborine;
    Give it a few shakes;
    Toss it to the stage (CRASH!!!)
    Grab the Harp;
    Blow a few runs;
    Race back;
    Shout out to the Crowd;
    Hail the band;
    POOF! (gone…)

    He looked like a wind-up toy. Too sad.

    I can not WAIT until he is done with this atrocious Tour so we hear & see what he can really do.

    The saving grace would have been a LMBO gig and a “Surprise” visit from TH, but they seemed to have worked their way up California with stops in San Diego, LA, and San Jose, then skipped us here in Sacramento! I did everything possbible to search for and get a direct message to them by way of MySpace, but was referred to a management link that was dead.

    In other news:

    I have posted before about:


    He is on his way to B’ham! If you don’t know of him, just trust me and go… Bonafied brilliant musician, vocalist, and performer.

    Go Go GOOOOooooo!!!!!!!!

    Oct. 11th ::: Alabama Theatre ::: Birmingham, AL

    Here’s an agency (very pricey)

    Or you can use TicketMaster — full price seats are $34 with $8.65 in fees. (MUCH better!)

    See Jamie here (scroll down to his video):

    ENJOY! (and you will!)

  8. Maryqtpi says:

    How many of these dates include Taylor? Hmmmmmmm….

  9. ms.sonny says:



  10. ms.sonny says:

    These LMBO dates are all along the eastern seaboard and the gulf.
    Sniff..I’m landlocked here in CO.
    an I destest flying.

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