A little Aretha in the a.m.

The woman can saang, no doubt.. but what was she wearing? She looks like a brocade lampshade with the furry trim around the widest part of her.


9 Responses to A little Aretha in the a.m.

  1. Claire says:

    Y’know, sometimes I think I’m an “A’ight” singer. Until I hear Aretha. Then I realise I’m really crap. She just HAS IT.

  2. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Weird dress, but it didn’t keep her from booging down at the end – the 60s, weird fashion all the way. I love that she looks so happy in this – when I’ve seen her the last few years, different TV spots, she looks so unhappy. Lots of health problems I’ve read. Sorry for her – she is, as Breeze said, IT. Nice flash back to the past – you always find the grooviest stuff Ash!

  3. Bassgerl says:

    Regardless of what she wore, it’s ‘Retha man! Thanks for posting this Ash, and thank YOU Taylor for your appreciation for and interpretation of the greats.

  4. Phile says:

    Aretha in the P.M. is just as good!

    A lot of times I just choose to listen to the music – this is Exhibit A of why ;).

  5. A. says:

    I’m very flattered, Veuve. I’m new to yours but I love yours, too. Your wit combined with your love of food makes for great reading.

  6. callmethebreeze says:

    She can wear the whole fuckin’ lamp on her head for all I care. She’s IT.
    I lurve her best of all!

  7. I love love love your blog.

    It’s helping me discover music that typically doesn’t make it in my playlist (well… except Aretha, obviously!!)

    That outfit sure is funny…!

  8. ellemem says:

    Okay, that was weird. Am I going crazy, or was there a video of Charles Mingus playing Flowers For A Lady here in place of the Aretha video just a few minutes ago?

  9. ellemem says:

    Very nice video of Mingus. Thanks. Is Aretha in this and I missed her?

    But speaking of Aretha Franklin, glorious vocals and “what the hell was she thinking?” fashion choices….

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