TCV L(i)MBO article.

The Citizens Voice online has a great new article on The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra and the upcoming Woodlands show. In the article Brian and Dean comment on their whirlwind shadow tour, their appreciation for the “Soul Patrol”, and what may or may not be in their future as a band.

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14 Responses to TCV L(i)MBO article.

  1. Judy says:

    I had the privilege of seeing LMBO last night at The Danial St Club.They were unbelievable.They are nonstop entertainers and did an amazing job. I also can’t believe these guys along with Taylor were not discovered before AI. I guess all the doubters are now sorry they passed on them.Their loss is our gain.As Simon said ” OH WELL THATS SHOW BUSINESS” I predict that Taylor and LMBO will be huge successes.

  2. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I’m nearly as big a fan of Mitch, Brian, Sam, Zippy and Jeff as “the special guest”. I drove over 300 miles to see them LA, and I’m flying nearly a 1000 to see them in Mobile. Brian does a superb job fronting the band, but I have to confess to being in love with Sam’s voice – sing the phone book sweetie, it’s all good for me! Checking the mailbox daily for the cd arrival so I can switch away from the internet downloads. I’m happy for them all.

  3. Historia says:

    Fantastic article!!!! I cannot believe that it took Taylor going on AI to get both him and the band in the spotlight. We are well on our way to proving every producer and record company wrong! When they passed on Taylor and LiMBO they made a HUGE MISTAKE….freaking HUGE!!!!!!!

    Support local music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. babynco says:

    Going to see LMBO for the first time Sunday in WB. Siked and excited. I already feel like they are old friends and already know allll their songs. Good stuff, very good stuff…

  5. Hicknic says:

    Thanks for that Ash. I remember seeing Brian spread out those sheets of lyrics to “Sweet Home Alabama” at the Florabama in July. So happy for those guys, they have a fan base with or without the special guest. Will be seeing them in two days and then again one week from tomorrow. Life is good!!!!

  6. deejay says:

    cool! more and more, I’m getting the “it’s just the beginning” vibe! it’s just been quietly growing all summer. and I realized today that my entire life I’ve always been the last one to get anything. always late to the party. but reading this article and knowing what’s coming up Sunday night…I’m here, now, at the beginning of this. this wonderful LMBO and Taylor experience. it’s going to blossom and I’m here with y’all to see it! sigh. cool!

  7. TinaB says:

    I Love these guys….just as much as Taylor. I’m so happy that they are getting the press that they deserve! Hoping for some big announcements in WB!

  8. Linda T. says:

    I just saw LMBO for the first time in Maine last night, sans “special guest”. All I could say afterwards was “who the fuck cares about special guest”? (and I’m quite the “special guest” fan I might add). Its a travesty that this band isn’t out headlining Blues festivals and/or recording, even on an indie label. In addition, the band members themselves are the epitome of living in the “ego-free” zone. Thanks for the article, Ash. I’m looking forward to PA!!

  9. bjewel says:

    This is a great article, and makes me so happy! The winding down is starting to build up to a fresh, new beginning for Taylor and LiMBO. Jeff Lopez in never mentioned as a band member, and I hope he will be included in the group officially, soon! He is tops!

  10. katja says:

    This is all good. This is such an interesting journey all together. I have the biggest smile on my face because this really is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see/hear more!!!

  11. SoulForever says:

    Great article! It’s so nice to know that everyone is having a great time and remaining true friends while continuing their individual careers. LMBO as Elliott’s backup band…Cool!!! However, I think they’ll always be playing with Taylor; whether on the road or in the recording studio…

    Hysterical about Brian keeping up with the lyrics by watching the fans mouth them. It never occurred to me that Taylor ad-libbed because he couldn’t remember the real lyrics….duh!

  12. EJ says:

    Funny, Taylor can’t remember lyrics either! But he’s so great at ad-libbing that no one really notices.

    I think it’s cool how LMBO is growing along with Taylor. I don’t just mean their fan base, I mean musically and professionally. They’ve had to stretch their limits with this tour. They’ve had to do serious vocals, they’ve backed up Elliott etc. in spontaneous performances, dealt with pleasing crowds that had lots of folks that came to see Taylor and not them, and they’ve gotten really tight musically. They’ve also had to get their act together in terms of bieng more organized, getting their website up, and generally dealing with the trappings of fame (albeit at a gentler level than Taylor has to deal with).

  13. ms.sonny says:

    T-3 and counting..wish we had the contract signed already!
    LMBO To be Taylors band forever.
    would be a beautiful way to finish out this whole season.

  14. Cali50 says:

    Great article! I love the part about Brian not being able to remember lyrics and watching the audience mouth the words.Too funny! He’s come a long way because I love his voice!

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