I have returned from Wilkes-Barre (or as Jeff called it, Wilkes-Stock) mostly intact.

recap to come later for those who are interested.


15 Responses to rt

  1. Kimmers says:

    did you ever give this recap Ash? I missed it…where is it? Thanks

  2. Soulkaren says:

    babynco…Solid Masses? My brain already feels like congealed gravy left over after the turkey is gone and it’s been in the fridge for awhile. YUCK!

    But, every time I look at my pillow, I tell myself, “Just one more video…just one more round on the topics.” Now I’m at work with only 6 hours sleep…and that’s the most in four days!

    LOVED, LOVED meeting everyone! Makes this posting now so much more fun!

    Ash, can’t wait for you to tell!

  3. babynco says:

    We all need to reconstitute our brains into solid masses before we can think properly.

  4. callmethebreeze says:

    Yours is the recap I am most interested in.

  5. Cali50 says:

    Yes, you’ve certainly got me interested! Surprises,huh?! Did I hear something about a tambourine also?

  6. Nirak says:

    Pretty Please, with sugar and cream on top!!!

  7. Phile says:

    Who needs sleep? Write, woman! Write!

    I keed, of course. Mostly. 😉

    Looking forward to reading.

  8. beatz says:

    Hey Ash,

    I was so sorry I didn’t get to meet you in Wilkes-Barre. I was at LMBO, but you guys were all squished up front that I couldn’t see who was who. lol Can’t wait for your recap and I’m curious about what you meant by surprises.

  9. OSB says:

    Someone wouldn’t be interested? pshaw! Do a little recuperating and we’ll meet you back here!

  10. StrongandFree says:

    my hand is up
    interested, you bet!

  11. pc325 says:

    I want to read it! Can’t decide if I can actually write one. It’s kind of a blur.

  12. ms.sonny says:

    WOOHOOO !!

    I was bein soo GOOD too!
    I’m so proud of me!
    Today was a LONG DAY!
    Please don’t make me do that again for awhile?
    It was real Hard!
    I’m OFF to Videoland!

  13. A. says:

    Sonny girl, you can look at videos. I didn’t mean to imply that. whoops! I just wanted people to keep quiet on a couple of surprises. I’ll probably recap tonight or tomorrow morning.

  14. ms.sonny says:

    I been soooo good Ash.
    I didn’t look at any videos yet or NOTHIN pertaining to Wilkesstock..
    Just posting regular tidbits too!
    I’m saving it all for your tambourine recap.
    it’s hard being me an GOOD at the same time.
    just saying.

    do I get somethin??

  15. AliceinWonderland says:

    Mostly intact, huh? Well, as long as the tamborine is safe, it’s all good. 😉 Looking forward to the recap, Ash.

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