DIMYP Goes Gold.

You can read the announcement post on GrayCharles.com

Congrats, Taylor! and thanks to GC for letting us know.


4 Responses to DIMYP Goes Gold.

  1. c4tay says:

    So happy to hear this finally and so proud of Taylor! I’m glad I could find out here because I haven’t been able to get on GrayCharles all day. Anybody else having troubles loading there? I got onto the feedburner site finally, but not the home page of the site. What a great day!

  2. Bama Angelfish says:

    Seems like a far cry from carrying CDs around in your backpack. Thank heaven. Not many of us have the diligence to follow our dreams to the extent Taylor did. This was well deserved. Congrats Taylor and cheers!

  3. Hickstyeria says:

    Great news Taylor. If ever Simon, Clive Davis, J Records and Arista ever had any doubts about you – and they may have, may not have because it’s all hype and rumour – then they certainly can’t have any now. You are marketable and you proved you know how to market yourself as well. They’ll be happy to support your CD because they want it to go platinum!


  4. Shandykat says:

    Get on wit yo bad self, boy!

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