Are YOU a member of the soul patrol/monkbot division?

The always hilarious Shelley of TALK! has posted her MonkBot Manifesto- er “memo”.

If you’re a non thudding, snark loving, pop culture addicted Taylor Hicks fan you should not miss this post.


6 Responses to Are YOU a member of the soul patrol/monkbot division?

  1. SoulForever says:

    ms. sonny,
    thank you! LOL

  2. deejay says:

    ms.sonny – sometimes the things that go over our heads are better left there…if you know what I mean (wink wink). The MonkBot thingy is pretty funny, though! I love the variety of sites we have to follow Taylor and each other! A few clicks and some speedreading and once you stop laughing, you’re set for the day! Thank goodness for bloggers! Ash, y’all are very entertaining people!

  3. ms.sonny says:

    Somedays I just thank God
    for the things that go over my 55 yr old head.

  4. MollyK says:

    Skipped the word “nature” there after “subversive” because my kid asked me why people always say that the French are pussies and I had to explain. Sorry.

  5. MollyK says:

    It’s all interconnectwined. A tambourine, after all, is just an insidious collection of tiny self-stimulating cymbals. You may think you’re not a monkbot by virtue of your virtuous aschewment of thudding over onions, but in reality you are like total monkbot besotted or you’d be playing spades at this very moment on Yahoo.

    But thanks for pointing out the subversive of Ash’s tambourine.

  6. susan says:

    Though I wanted to read the manifesto/memo, I have a deep-rooted psychotic fear of monkeys with cymbals….ever since I was 4 years old and got one for Xmas which sent me into total panic….followed by years of being tormented by 2 older brothers who used every opportunity to use said monkey to send me into total hysterics……So, thanks, but no thanks….As much as I enjoy Taylor, nothing is gonna make me face the monkey…….

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