Big Walter “Shakey” Horton

Big Walter Horton (aka Shakey Walter Horton, Mumbles, Tangle Eye)

Instrument(s): Harmonica, Voice

Life span: Born Apr. 6, 1917, Horn Lake, MS; Died Dec. 8, 1981, Chicago, IL

“Hard Hearted Woman”, from Harmonica Blues Kings

“Card Game”, from Harmonica Blues Kings


Two videos below.

Jamming with Johnny Shines and Honeyboy Edwards

Walter playing with an all-star band in Europe in 1970, featuring Willie Dixon on bass, Lee Jackson on guitar, Lafayette Leake on piano, and Clifton James on drums.


5 Responses to Big Walter “Shakey” Horton

  1. Omphalos says:

    That picture of Big Walter Horton, with the plaid pants and sumpin tucked into them, cracks me up. I can almost hear the dark smoky rooms in these tracks! Thanks for introducing us to another old bluesman. Good stuff.

  2. ms.sonny says:

    Just noticed!!
    it’s still here!
    Below me!

  3. ms.sonny says:

    an Ash.
    no offense meant
    thank you
    for taking that scary monkybot way over my head thingy off.
    I had a teerrrible dream about it!
    It was in the bathroom with me!!

  4. katja says:

    Thank you. Again.
    Nice. Very nice.

  5. ms.sonny says:

    I listened to this all morning..
    well morning for me starts at 3 am.
    Thanks for the link.
    And something new for my collection of
    where have I been?
    My mothers Era
    Love it all.

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