7 LMBO Wilkes-Barre mp3s.

These mp3s were recorded on Sept 24th at the LMBO/ Taylor Hicks American Idol Afterparty held at the Woodlands Inn and Resort in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Please right-click save as.

LMBO w/ Taylor- “Call Me The Breeze/ Poptarts comment”

LMBO w/ Taylor- “Forever Man”

LMBO w/ Taylor- “Hold On To Your Love”

LMBO w/ Taylor- “Feelin’ Alright w/ “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad”

LMBO- “Hip Hug Her/ Killing Floor”

LMBO w/ Erin Mitchell- “Stormy Monday”

LMBO- “Will It Go Round In Circles/thanks”

Thanks to Malisa for the permission to upload and share them here.

ETA:: “Forever Man” should work now.


11 Responses to 7 LMBO Wilkes-Barre mp3s.

  1. A. says:

    I saw, EJ. I have all of the mp3s but not the time to upload them all here.
    However, if any of you request in a specific song or two from that night that this post is lacking I can see about getting it up for you.

  2. EJ says:

    Malisa also posted Zippy singing “Deep Elem Blues” on the LMBO site. I can’t get that song (and Sweetwater) out of my head….

  3. c4tay says:

    Since I didn’t get to see them live, this is the next best thing. Thanks so much, Ash and Malisa.

  4. Quinn says:

    Thanks Malisa for sharing and Ash for putting these on you blog! 🙂

  5. Elphaba26 says:

    Malisa & Ash:

    Many thanks for these MP’3s. Great job.

  6. AgingHippie says:

    P.S. Hi Linda T, am assuming you’re the “other Linda” I met in Portland, yes??

  7. AgingHippie says:

    Ditto on the codec problem with Forever Man

    – did the whole internet codec analysis thingy – no help there – no surprise – heh!!

    Noticed this in the error message though – – –

    “The file you are attempting to play has an extension ( .mp3 ) that does not match the file format. ”

    the other files just show as mp3 no period – could it be that simple ???

  8. Linda T. says:

    Thanks so much for these Malisa and Ash. I’m going to have a CD burning fest coming up with all these live performances….great mp3 sound clarity on these too. Ardnian — I’m also having problems with “Forever Man” — says I have a “codec error”, whatever that means.

  9. ardnian says:

    Ash, the “Forever Man” one is not working. 😦

  10. Margaux says:

    What WOOTaylor said. Thanks.

  11. WOOTaylor says:

    Thanks Ash And Malisa.

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