New Taylor Hicks promo pictures.

As seen on J Record’s Taylor Hicks myspace page.

as well as this little one:

seen on Sony Music’s “TEXT 2 Buy” page.

Taylor is looking quite dapper, but it’s just not enough to convince me to “TEXT 2Buy”.

How about you?


35 Responses to New Taylor Hicks promo pictures.

  1. I like Taylor Hicks says:

    taylor is so great. i love that man

  2. EJ says:

    Now, is the car in this picture the same one reflected in the glass behind Taylor in the B&W photo on Gray’s site this morning? Enquiring minds want to know…

  3. MaryS-NJ says:

    I like serious Taylor and I like the car pic, but doesn’t he look like he has dark circles under his eyes? It’s like a kohl effect and makes him look more “dark” than “serious”, IMO.

  4. calimari says:

    I like the car photo & the “texas” photo over on Gray’s site. I like the dark & brooding looks. Of course, the “red guitar” picture & bigsis’s photo are keepers too!

  5. susieq3c says:

    Love the photo..the lighting, the pose, the expression. All of it is very serious, very dramatic, tells a thousand stories. I love to see a man with that kind of intensity in his eyes.

    Oh, and I’m a youth minister and I work with teens all the time. Myspace goes with the “terror”- tory. It is scary, but so is fire. It’s incredibly useful as long as you keep it under control. I would be willing to bet that someone is editing message content on Taylor’s myspace. We might be seeing tons of glittery marriage proposals, but thank goodness that’s all we have to endure!!

  6. griz says:

    I think the “theme” with the classic cars surrounding Taylor is in keeping with the theme of “classic soul” with a new twist. I think it’s a brilliant idea!

  7. A. says:

    By the way, I meant ‘you’ generally. I should have said “any of you”. Whoops on my part.

    I did pre-order LiMBO’s set, for the same reason that Jan did. On the off chance that it might assist them financially before the official release.

  8. AmyH says:

    I don’t know anything about it, Ash. I was just wondering myself. If J took over, that would explain all the recent changes.

    Jan – I preordered LMBO, too. My reasoning was that I may not be able to find them in a store locally. I figure Taylor will be at Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

  9. Jan says:

    I just went to the myspace and then text2buy and it cracked me up that the pictures of Taylor and Kat are the same. The are the same to me. It’s like they put the backgrounds in later. It’s funny.

  10. Jan says:

    I could care less about the picture on the CD. I’m not going to text2buy anything. I’m not going to pre-order this CD. The only things I have pre-ordered in my life were:
    1. The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers
    2. The LMBO CD/DVD Workplay performance

    I regretted #1 because it didn’t show up early and it wasn’t the limited edition with the figurine. I cancelled it eventually and bought what I wanted. I have all three special editions and the one ring from another source.

    I pre-ordered the LMBO stuff because I thought it might help them finance their trips to the shows this summer.

    I’m going to see the tracks and listen to them or part of them before I buy it. I hope their are lyrics in the sleeve. So many CDs these days don’t have the lyrics.

  11. A. says:

    I was told that J took it over. I could be mistaken. If you are certain that I am incorrect and you know who runs it, please let me know.

  12. AgingHippie says:

    Linda T.
    Glad I’m not alone on having an eh! reaction to the pictures. First thought that flashed in my head was that Leno bit …… Love Taylor’s eyes but this looks less like intensity and more like too much eyeliner – leave that to Chris please – :p
    Hmmm – think I just posted my very first less than positive Taylor reaction – well, it was a really negative kind of day……………… maybe the pictures will look better after the second red snapper [stupid drink is addictive – tastes like adult kool-ade]

  13. AmyH says:

    What’s with all the MySpace hate? I’m on MySpace and I like it. The problem with Taylor’s is that it is not something he set up or controls. I for one doubt he ever even goes there. It is impossible to leave a meaningful message because of all the girls trying to one up each other for biggest, flashiest, will-you-marry me type comments. It’s funny and scary all at the same time.

    I promise – I have no glitter on my MySpace.

    And I was unaware that J Records were the ones behind Taylor’s Space. It was set up at the beginning of Idol (as were the Spaces for the other contestants). Did J take it over?

  14. Denali says:


    I couldn’t find the J Records Taylor Myspace page. Anyone have a link?



  15. Margaux says:

    Taylor can smile on the back of the CD: “Made you Look!”

  16. double d says:

    Not loving the “brooding” Taylor. Where’s the “fun” Taylor?

  17. Linda T. says:

    Funny enough, I’m not crazy about either picture — too “promo-y” I don’t know. I guess if I had to choose I’d take the one with the car but even that one makes me feel like the record company is pushing the Elvis theme on me.

    I’m also going to hit the record store as soon as its available. Just thinking I might dig deeper into the Yellow Pages here in Boston and see if there’s a locally owned record store that I could go out and support – they are so rare in these days of the Borders and Walmarts. Most of the local shops just carry rare vinyl releases.

  18. mrspaul says:

    There was a car in the picture??? 😉

  19. Gail says:

    I like these pictures better than the one on his DIMYP CD single, looks more like himself! But what’s wrong with a little smile? And his hair looks almost the same color as the car.

    I’m with you Ash, sounds way too complicated to text2buy…I’ve never texted at all anyway. I loved going to Walmart and seeing his CD on the rack. The sales clerks got a kick out of my “exhuberance” as I was buying 3 of them. Now I wasn’t going to make any kind of scene, but one of them standing there said, “Oh, Taylor Hicks!” as I picked up a CD, and that was all it took.

  20. Tee says:

    I feel your pain, Nirak…I pray Taylor’s website will be a glitter-free zone.

    These promo pictures excite me for a different reason…if the album drops as scheduled on Dec. 5, I think we can expect the first single to be released very soon…say late October or early November! I can’t wait…I’m itching to hear some fresh new material from Taylor!

  21. Phantom says:

    I love the pic with the car. See how his hair is lit to that same, strange, lovely shade of light blue? Pretty sweet.

    Love the serious look. That is a “I’m SO beyond Idol” look. Uh-hum. You tell ’em.

  22. deejay says:

    ditto the myspace sentiments (the young guy at work, he’s 32, says my VCR is blinking 12:00 because I don’t get myspace!!) and ditto the I want to buy it at the store sentiments. I just smiled like a lunatic when I saw all of those DIMYP singles in the rack at Wal-Mart! and I looked around at everyone and smiled like “hey, do you see this?”!! yeppers, that’s a moment I’m looking forward to repeating! 🙂

  23. taylorsfan says:

    I prefer to go a grab it at the store……but did you notice the not available for cingular customers!

  24. Nirak says:

    I like the car pic. It doesn’t look like an AI album type of picture. Thank Goodness!! The smaller pic just screams American Idol to me though. Me no likey!! By the way, this was the first time I have ever entered the Myspace zone and quite frankly, I’m scared and need a shower. What the hell is up with all the crappy glitter and blinking messages. How do people hang out on this site??? Please, for the love of all that is holy, Taylor DO NOT LET YOUR OWN WEBSITE LOOK LIKE THIS!!!!! I won’t last a minute on a site like that. Give me the Boogie any day….Love Ya Ash.!!!

  25. A. says:

    I didn’t say that I don’t like the pictures. I just said they’re not enough to get me to “TEXT 2Buy”. I don’t pre-order cds unless the product is a limited edition.

  26. babynco says:

    Got no problema with any of these pics. I think the one with the car is great, and would love to see it as the album cover, and as for me like I said in the thread about the CD name, the simpler the better, “Taylor Hicks” just perfect…

  27. Margaux says:

    If the blue car photo is the CD cover (or even from the same photo shoot):

    These are not the standard issue AI debut CD covers are they?

    I think it’s just fine.

  28. Colleen says:

    Phile…. I don’t “get” myspace either.

    love everything about that picture, the car, the scene, the man,…. those hands 🙂


  29. krusty says:

    These are darn decent pics. What is it about them you don’t like, Ash? I do admit the top one is a little shadowy. Dark and mysterious.

    He looks so serious. Skinnier too. I doubt they photoshopped his chin on any of these. I think the new batches of photos coming out will all have a similar intense, TCB Taylor face. It’s a way to show he’s all bid-ness about the album and wants to be taken serious as an artist.

    Or maybe the photographer just said, “c’mon, gimme that smouldering look! Bring it with your eyes!” or something like that (sinicker)

  30. susan says:

    Phile…exactly what I was going to say…the picture of Taylor is okay, but man, check out the car……God, I would love to have that car parked in my driveway….I would look so good driving that, with some rhinestone sunglasses and my hair blowing in the wind….

  31. db says:

    Well, I won’t be texting to buy – like AmyH nicely said, I too enjoy the thrill of buying a CD the day it drops – but goodness, that’s a *very nice* picture. 😉 Music, what music?? 😉

  32. Phile says:

    Like the picture. Love the car.

    Hate MySpace with the intensity of a thousand hot burning suns. But the kids dig it, and it’s a valuable marketing tool.

    Now get off of my lawn ;).

  33. OSB says:

    I’m like Amy – no cell to text with. Don’t care to pre-order either, I’d rather take a vacation day from work and drive the 150 miles to Miami to get the CD in my hot little hands. Now, if Sony offers a vinyl rendition of the album, I will order that.

  34. AmyH says:

    That is one hott picture. He’s just kinda staring right into ya’, isn’t it? Yikes!

    I cannot “Text to Buy” – no cell phone. I’m not much of a pre-order type gal anyway. What’s wrong with going to the store to get it? I want to walk in and see it sitting there in the rack, then happily snatch one up and rush to the register. Nothing beats frantically trying to tear into a CD in your car, the satisfaction when you FINALLY get it open and slip it into the player. I love that. That is a beautiful moment.

    Windows down, volume up, people staring – Yeah. 😉

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