New from What’

A 5 Questions/ 5 Minutes interview with Elliott Yamin which mentions the upcoming show with LiMBO.

Link to the interview.

And exclusive What’sUpVIP pictures from a Closed Concert Rehearsal of
Elliott Yamin & The Little Memphis Blue Orchestra

Link to the pictures.

thanks, Phantom.


3 Responses to New from What’

  1. Thackeray says:

    Would love to sit in on a rehearsal. Couldn’t help but notice that one spare aqua guitar, sitting on the guitar stand by itself, just needing someone to stroll in and pick it up and jam on it.

  2. beatz says:

    Thanks Phantom and Ash. Who is the woman in the picture with Elliott and LMBO? Is that Suzanne Thrash?

  3. babynco says:

    I see that our wondeful Phantom is again the one responsible for this. I am really happy to see the guys and Elliot together. They look like they were havin’ a blast.

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