Two short videos from the “Spirit of Life” award gala.

Clip one- a bit of Taylor Hicks’ performance and a bit of press.


Clip two- more press footage.


capture credit goes to Gypsee.

New performance pictures from Y! below.

Look! It’s Lopez!

Click here to be directed to Y! for more photos. 


14 Responses to Two short videos from the “Spirit of Life” award gala.

  1. maryann1 says:

    Thank you for the videos…..Enjoyed seeing them..

  2. Great pictures. Nice to see taylor at his best. thanks for sharing

  3. OSB says:

    Thanks! Loved seeing Jeff there with Taylor – big event – they had to be thrilled to be there.

  4. maryann1 says:

    griz…..the link for Taylor on an LA street didn’t come up…..was this from Thursday or the one from before the Idol tour started..


  5. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Did I download something different from everyone else? All I got was a little snippet of HOAD and a little snippet of something else (Taylor being Taylor – where is Amy who can name it in 1/2 a note?!), and for me the sound was e-e-e-e-ch-ooooooo-eeeeeee. The press part was fine. When did Taylor start making that clicking sound when he talks? But the y’knows are still cute. Damn, I sound cranky. I must still have PWS. Ignore me.

  6. Robin4T says:

    Yaaaay! I can finally see these beautiful pics and the vids. Nothing, NOTHING compares with seeing Taylor perform his originals. Thanks for making these available!

  7. Bon/SoulerExpress says:

    Van Morrison?!?

    Bet’cha it’s “Tupelo Honey”

    . . . but I’m way partial to “Brown-Eyed Girl.”

  8. Phantom says:

    Those are beautiful pictures, aren’t they? Love the ones of him performing, above.

    The HOAD opening on the video sounded great. Would be nice to have the whole thing! He mentioned on the video, when they asked him what he’d be performing, that he was going to do “some originals” and “one Van Morrison”. I wonder what other originals he did?

  9. Colleen says:

    Wahoo, finally got it. need to wait…. 12 mintues to see it. Dang and I have cable couldn’t imagine if it was dail up!

  10. AmyH says:

    Well, well, well. Seeing Jeff there just made my day!! 🙂

  11. Colleen says:

    grr, I can never get sendspace to work for me. I’ll have to try later, or in the middle of the night! 🙂


  12. griz says:

    There’s also a video here of Taylor on an L.A. street –

  13. Robin4T says:

    Well, I’m frustrated that I can’t view any of this at work. But I’m soooo excited that Jeff got perform with Taylor. Thanks for this great stuff Ash and Gypsee!

  14. deejay says:

    I gotta say, performance pics are always superior to “smile for the camera” pics in my book! And seeing Senor Lopez blowing sax with Taylor is always better than just hearing about how he’s there. yea!! I’m smiling big this lovely Friday afternoon!

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