Watermark free “Spirit of Life” award gala pictures post III

7 pictures below.


15 Responses to Watermark free “Spirit of Life” award gala pictures post III

  1. Jackpot1 says:

    Yes, Yes I loved the way he had his hair styled. Soooo cool. I wanted to mess it up. I find it so strange that so many of us are so proud of someome we most likely will never meet. I think as my mamma would say he is the cats meow. Love his music & him. Thank you sooo much for pics.

  2. BarbieB says:

    Taylor looks more like the Taylor I first saw on AI interviews than he has since the tour began. I Think he likes his hair this way. But I prefer gel and no bangs.

  3. rolo says:

    He needs more gel on his hair.
    the outfit was cool, but the hair needs to be styled.

    That’s a dorky haircut. No bangs please.

  4. TrishluvsTaylor says:

    OK! Someone had to be taping this!! I want it! I neeeed it!

    Why do those idiotic words of Simon keep ringing in my ears? “background.. not in the spootlight” What a fool!

  5. maryann1 says:

    Wonderful pictures…..Wish I could have been there…..Do anyone know if there will be a video…of Taylor’s performance.


  6. EJ says:

    thanks for answering the question I posted in the previous thread!

  7. Gail says:

    Ash, thank you so much for paying for a subscription and providing us with all these wonderful pictures!

  8. babynco says:

    Now this is what I”M talkin’ bout. Original Recipe…

  9. A. says:

    The secret is searching and waiting and paying for a subscription.

    The curly-haired guy is Charles Goldstuck, the President and Chief Operating Officer of BMG North America.

    The older man with Taylor and Clive Davis is Rolf Schmidt-Holtz. Schmidt-Holtz is the Chief Executive Officer of Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

  10. Cali50 says:

    Too many places to post! I love these Ash. How did you ever get them so fast and they are so beautiful! Gosh, he looks so happy and healthy in these? Does anyone know who that one man is that he is with in several of the pics?(not Clive)

  11. bamakat says:

    I hope we heard soon what he sang.

  12. Robin4T says:

    Dying to know what he sang. Any word?

  13. MicheleAnn says:

    Love these performances pictures! #3 is now my desktop background. Thanks, Ash.

  14. juliegr says:

    UMM-UMM-UMM. I’ll take milk with these. SWEET!! THANKS Ash!

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