They say it’s your birthday………….


Cheers to you! May this year the best so far!
I wish you luck, love, success and a hell of a good time.

as the old drinking toast goes:

I wish you joy on your birthday
And all the whole year through,
For all the best that life can hold
Is none too good for you.


36 Responses to They say it’s your birthday………….

  1. JAG says:

    Taylor life really does begin at thirty. Everything before this was a dress rehearsal,you have come into your own in a way very few ever do!!!! How awesome is that? You have begun a new journey into the music world you so love. Your voice is being heard loud and clear all over the world !!!!!!! HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME !!!!

  2. maryann1 says:

    Taylor….I wish you a wonderful birthday and a year filled with peace and happiness

  3. bjewel says:

    We’re gonna have a party, party, gonna have a party, party!
    They say it’s your birthday! Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!
    NUMBER 9? Number 9?
    How many times do I have to tell you!..I’ll be your Forever Fan!
    You are the best…love you, Taylor.

  4. Tee says:

    Happy 30th birthday Taylor! All the best to you!

  5. CONNIEP says:

    Hope Taylor had a great day. The first day of the 3rd decade of his life. Wow, what a difference a year has made, huh. This time last year he has NO idea the roller coaster ride his life would become and I bet he is loving every minute of it. ALL THE BEST TO YOU TAYLOR, YOU WORKED HARD FOR THIS, SAVOR IT TO THE FULLEST. Thanks for the music, bro.

  6. Jan B. says:

    Happy Birthday, Taylor!

  7. Robin4T says:

    HAPPY HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR. Wishing you a year filled with love, happiness, peace, fulfillment–and a platinum record or two for the wall!

    And I must add this:

    Thanks to you double d for that rap from your heart
    You da bomB with a rhyme, that’s what sets you apart!

  8. deejay says:

    Happy 30th, Taylor!

  9. AgingHippie says:

    sorry but just have to sneak this in – double d – love it & bet Taylor will too :]

  10. Phile says:

    See, 30 really *isn’t* that bad!


  11. SoulSunshine says:

    Happy B-day, Taylor. And many more….

    We love you and your music, man. Thanks for letting us tag along on this journey. What a ride!!

  12. Rabbit says:

    Cheers! Salud! Happy day, happy year!

  13. bamakat says:

    30th Birthday

    It is his 3oth birthday
    And a most magical time at that for
    A person facing a major MILESTONE in life.

    I truly feel happy for Tay
    As I had passed that milestone myself
    Twenty-two years ago.

    With the help of friends like AC, Ash, and mj
    My message to Taylor is sent
    With a Happy Birthday greeting for an AI winner,
    Congratulations on a tour well finished,
    And the icing on the cake is Ray’s RPM.

    Many are 29 and holding,
    But you, Taylor have no need.
    In this life, the Soul Patrol’s breath is held for
    What, you, our gray haired wonder will do next.

  14. FunkyTaylorFan says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor!
    Thank you for your music!

  15. I’ll toast to that!


  16. mary52 says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor !!!

    Hope this day is a very special one for you!!!

  17. double d says:

    T-Tizzle Birthday Rap by Double D

    Back in seventy-six, when the country was funkay,
    He was “born on the rivah”, such a cute ‘lil monkay.
    He called Alabama his own sweet home,
    But knew in his heart that he was born to roam.

    Fast forward to the future, a score and a half,
    He’s got The Firm, J Records, and Security Staff.
    He’s known coast to coast as the Sultan of Soul,
    Life’s just startin’, cuz 30. ain’t. old.

    So, Happy, Happy B-Day from ole double d,
    Wish peace, love and joy to the wonderful T.
    Keep it loose, keep it tight, Make it do what it do,
    Live it like Charlie, “To yourself be true”.

  18. Amy says:

    Happy 30th Birthday you funky, groovy, musical master! I hope today finds you happy, content and celebrating with those you hold dear. Enjoy this day. I know you will pass this milestone with your usual style and charm. Have a drink for your Soul Patrol tonight!

  19. ms.sonny says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Thanks for makin it do what it do
    Happy Birthday Dear Taylor
    Love The Boogie,
    an me too.

  20. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    Happy Birthday, Taylor! Here’s to you and here’s to the music.

  21. Shelley says:

    Cheers, Taylor!

    (nice toast, Ash)

  22. babynco says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Taylor! May all your dreams come true…

  23. bearie says:

    Taylor – Happy Happy 30th Birthday.

    You are at such a great place in your life – enjoy every min of it!!!!

  24. SoulForever says:

    Happy 30th Birthday, Taylor. You have brought much pleasure to me through your music. Continue to live your dreams and may God watch over and bless you everyday……Hope

  25. AliceinWonderland says:

    Happy Birthday, Taylor!

  26. OSB says:

    Happy 3-0, Taylor! May today and all of your years to come be filled with blessings! Thank you for filling mine with music!

  27. juliegr says:

    Happy Birthday — well, well, well! Bet you never thought you could accomplish all that you have done in one short year. I read where you had set a benchmark of 31 years old to be successful (then had moved that yardstick around as things didn’t look promising). Looks like you did what you wanted to do and more. Congratulations, and good for you.

    I join all your fans, friends, and family in wishing you continued success and joy. You deserve the best. NOW TAKE THE DAY OFF AND HAVE SOME F-U-N!!

  28. flowersKY says:

    Happy 30th Birthday, Taylor! Congratulations on all the wonderful things that have come your way this past year, by virtue of your hard work, dedication, creativity, and joy. May this next year be even more amazing for you as your adventures unfold. Have many more!

  29. Crazymomelon says:

    May 30 be your best year evah!

  30. aerinphil says:

    Happy 30th Bday Mr. Hicks!!!!
    Wow, this is YOUR moment.
    We are all profoundly happy that you seized the chance that was the American Idol.
    Stay healthy and take care of your voice.

  31. susan says:

    I am 2 weeks from turning the magical 3-0…..but I figure that one day does not define a person or a life… when I turn 30, I don’t expect anything major to happen, I don’t expect a “life-defining” realization…
    my birthday wish for myself and for anyone else is that we are all living the life we hope to live, that we are all loving others as we hope to be loved, and that when our life is over, we don’t have a whole lot of “what ifs”…
    sorry if this is too serious, but maybe that is what happens when you approach 30 🙂

  32. katja says:

    Happy Birthday, Taylor!!! WOOOOoooooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOOooooo!!!

  33. taytayfan62 says:

    Happy Bithday, Taylor. I hope you take time from recording to go celebrate tonight. As much as we are all anticipating your cd, you must still take the time to enjoy life.

  34. AgingHippie says:

    Well, once again insomnia has it’s advantages – am usually near the end of threads :p – it is with much pleasure that I post 3rd in saying

    Happy 30th, Taylor – you’ve reached this milestone in style!!

    You richly deserve all the good things that are happening for you and I & my family could not be happier for you.

  35. Denali says:

    wOOt~! Happy Birthday Taylor! Turning 30 is daunting for some people but it must be an awesome feeling to celebrate in all that you have accomplished in the last year. Congratulations!

    I remember my 29th birthday was most depressing as I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not getting much accomplished in life. I spent my 30th birthday at a garbage dump of all places but I was having a blast working on a film which was what I had always dreamed of doing and it was the best birthday ever.

    Have fun!


  36. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Wooo hooooo! Happy birthday to Taylor!

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