Are you a dreamer?

Denison Witmer performing ‘Little Flowers’ in Stockholm, June 2006.

Denison’s voice and style reminds some people of Sufjan Stevens (Pronounced Soof-yahn), so it’s no surprise to learn that he has toured with Sufjan as his bass player and that Sufjan played banjo on Are You A Dreamer?.

Denison Witmer’s official website.

A No Depression magazine article with Denison.


3 Responses to Are you a dreamer?

  1. Omphalos says:

    Shucks, Ash, thank *you.* You’ve introduced me to some nice stuff: Hayden, Vetiver, BRMC. You’ve got great ecclectic taste in music so I’m all over your recs like a fly to honey (or a predatory wasp to a palisade, if you’re Sufjan.)

  2. A. says:

    I also disagree with the Sufjan Stevens comparison, but I thought I would mention it anyway because I have heard it repeated so often.

    Thanks for continuing to check out the recs I make. It makes a woman feel good.

  3. Omphalos says:

    Thanks Ash! I’m a raging Sufjan fan, so the comparison knocked me sideways a bit at first. Witmer’s voice pales, as does his stripped down sound. The thing about Sufjan isn’t just his hushed, bird-wing vocals and surreal lyrics, but also all that damn sound: an orchestral encyclopedia of sound, a lush garden of sound. The “Little Flowers” video is a little too earnest maybe? And 1-D. But the review of Are You a Dreamer on i-Tunes is a hoot. It’s both glowing and cynical, which is a pretty good combo. I’m excited to check out Witmer’s music some more. Thanks for keeping the recs flowing. You’re the best.

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