Baby, I’m digging your Vibe.

Taylor Hicks Vibe Scan 1 (index page)

Taylor Hicks Vibe Scan 2

Taylor Hicks Vibe Scan 3

Taylor Hicks Vibe Scan 4

Taylor Hicks Vibe Scan 5

thanks to privategirl for the scans.


8 Responses to Baby, I’m digging your Vibe.

  1. cars says:

    It’s amazing……………..

  2. sasgeorgia says:

    Wow Wow Wow
    ‘Almost seems like the writer was a Soul Patroler – very favorable article. Me like!

  3. TaylorsDream says:

    Man i love the picture with him getting funky with the Guitar. And got goose bumps when reading about the Ray Charles studio experiance. It realy brought tears to my eyes. Cause i know how important all that was to Taylor. i am not a fan-girlie but i know GOOD MUSIC and Taylor has all that and more. Looking forward to many more years of this soulman’s music!

  4. diamondfire says:

    Thanks for the article. I was impressed by the warm acceptance of the Ray Charles enterprise. Who wouldn’t be choked up by that?

    This was one of the nicest articles I have read in awhile.

  5. bigsis says:

    Love the Brylcream look — go Taylor! Can’t wait to read it!

    Thanks, Ash and privategirl.

  6. JAG says:

    Thank you both,had a bad day and then I saw this.My mood changed completely and it is a better day!!!!!!

  7. rabbit says:

    Thanks Ash. and privategirl! You made my otherwise blah morning!

  8. Ms Ei says:

    Thanks Ash for putting it up here.
    Thanks privategirl. 🙂

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