Now when you enter http://www.taylorhicks.com in your browser, you are re-directed to GrayCharles.com.

It is definitely going to be interesting to watch this development unfold.

What are your thoughts?


45 Responses to TayCharles.

  1. Judy Truebood says:

    What a class act Taylor is and a class act Gray Charles is so what do I think of the relationship they have developed – a very smart move and one I am so happy for. Everything for Taylor should be followed up in the upscale way Gray portrays them. I just am so happy that both have found the working relationship that filts like a glove.

    My Congrats to both!!!!!

  2. Mynamemeansnothing says:

    How do you plan to deal with the fan hierarchy (Fan girl v.s. It’s all about the music)?

    I’m all about fan girl free discussions, but if one choses to express themselves, and it so happens to be in the way of a few chosen words, how do you plan to control that? Why do you feel you should control that? Other than “I don’t like it, so it shouldn’t be.”

    If you control that, do you not believe that it will end up with fans pitting themselves against themselves? Do you realize the power you have to influence the people whom feel the same way, to all of a sudden feel they are a better fan, and then go and argue with others who do not think like them? I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people who just agree with the head honcho, because they feel it will please them, rather than asking themselves how they feel about it.

    It is one thing to have ones rules as a fan site, and form its own hierarchy. It is another thing when your site becomes official, and is representing more than the formers original opinions, for it is now officially selling a product, and has to make room for other point of views (of course within reason, and standard official board rules)…

    One can only control themselves, they can not control the external world, don’t you think?

  3. Omphalos says:

    I’m glad this forum is here at Ash’s place. It’s reassuring that G has come over to answer some of our questions. I confess, I felt a bit greasy after reading the pitch this morning. It’s the word “exclusive,” in part, that’s off-putting to me & the notion of being on some sort of inside. Gray is just too damn good at the lingo. Makes me pine for the tongue-in-cheek of yore, when we felt encouraged to question Brand Taylor and the machine. Thanks for reassuring us, Gray. And thank you Ash for giving us a coffee shop where we can gather under the radar.

  4. I’m ecstatic that Taylor’s official website domain directs people to Gray Charles now! He brings the best news to the soul patrol! 🙂

  5. Robin4T says:

    Gray Charles said: Does making fun of MySpace count as independence?

    Works for me!

  6. sheliae says:

    tay and gray….as i posted elsewhere on this site…..a collaboration of soulmates. i knew in my heart when gray left for a while he would be back and better than ever. his site is the GOLD STANDARD for all taylor sites. i will forever be thankful to him that the first info outside of the ai show i got on taylor was from that site. i appreciate having this and several other sites up that i limped to after the tramatic closing of gc . i actually teared up when that happened. am doing the happy dance now for sure. kudos to gray for making the hopefully lifelong con-nec-shun with taylor and all it will bring to him in the future.

  7. rabbit says:

    I agree with you. It might be really usefull for there to be a portion that Taylor could comment in if he felt like it, that wouldn’t be open to response – so what he had to say would be easy to identify.

  8. Gray Charles says:

    Does making fun of MySpace count as independence? Or just stupidity?

  9. beachn says:

    Thanks deejay
    You said it better (explaining the circle). Exactly what I meant.

  10. beachn says:

    Hi Ash

    For me Gray’s website and yours are all we need to keep up with Taylor.

  11. Robin4T says:

    First, I agree with Katja that this is quite simply how it should be.

    Second, I agree with deejay and others that the Boogie Board has become a wonderful, comfy home for kicking off the slippers and chatting with friends, posting discussion topics that interest us, and just generally hanging out with like-minded folks. Ash, we probably don’t thank you enough. So thanks again.

    Now. Following up on Gray’s answer to Cali50. Glad you asked that Cali as it’s been on my mind also. The “independent” aspect of GC has always seemed like a major factor in the site’s somewhat unorthodox voice. That independence allowed (it seems to me) for just the right touch of cynicism and questioning of TPTB. Wondering if it’s possible to maintain that tone while being “official.” Your answer to Cali50 is encouraging, Gray. Wondering if you’d care to elaborate further.

  12. Soulkaren says:

    kimmykins – You’re probably right…sigh

    That WOULD get old quick!

  13. Orca says:

    kimmykins: I agree with you on the “Hi Taylor” thing. How is that going to be kept under control? yikes.

    OTOH: Taylor in permachat???? Does this mean I am going to have to spend every waking moment not at work in permachat???? j/k! :))

  14. Sunshine says:


  15. kimmykins says:

    While I agree that it would be neat to see Taylor post again, I can already foresee the flood of “Hi, Taylor”, “Hi, Taylor” “Nice to see you here Taylor” “I love you Taylor” “Congrats on gold Taylor” “Happy belated birthday Taylor” posts that would flood whatever thread he appeared in.

    I think having Gray act as the intermediary works well. We still get to find out what Taylor is thinking and what he wants us to know periodically without a flood of fangirlyness.

    I will however keep up my hope that he will appear in Permachat, anonymously or not it’s still fun to think about.

  16. AmyH says:

    Well, this is getting very interesting. I suppose once Taylor’s site is up, my day will go something like this: I will have to hit that one quickly (you know for concert tour dates and the like), mosey over to Gray’s for any juicy tidbits of news (far from the glittery sea), then settle here at the Boogie for the chatter and comaraderie (far FAR from the glittery sea).

    As Orca said, “Get yer mornin’ coffee at GC and Ash will feed ya up good food for the rest of the day.”

    P.S. – I love the title of this Blog Entry. Too Funny!

  17. Soulkaren says:

    Also, a question about this from your blog entry:

    Update: The full story is a bit of a rambling mess that goes from Albany to Birmingham to Syracuse with many e-mails in between

    The ‘Birmingham’ part intrigues me – are we talking back during WorkPlay…THAT Birmingham visit? Was this in the works back when we met you that night ~ way back in the day?

    To me, that means you hardly ‘rested’ at all…at least from the standpoint of your brain-power whirling around about GC. You may not have been posting, but you WERE thinking…

  18. BabyDoll says:

    I love this. I came into these web sites late in the show, but it seems Gray has the same type of humor that Taylor does, and I knew when he started having 3 hour dinners with him that some sort of “arrangements” were being worked out. I mean why try to re-educate the public. “The Interview”, as it is now known, was what took me to Gray Charles.com in the first place, and I realized that Taylor must really like this guy, and trust him to tell it like it is. It was almost like a test market for Taylor. Is this what the fans want? Gray Charles is forever linked with the SP movement that happened this spring, and Taylor knows that. If it ain’t broke, why fix it????
    Taylor – amother smart move!!! Gray Charles – Keep makin it do what it do!!!
    I feel like I’m standing back watching the making of a star, and seeing what will be talked about for years to come happen before my eyes, and I love it! Thanks Taylor!

  19. OldSchool says:

    Hi Gray! Some of the former idol winners/contestants charge to belong to their official site. Will that be the case – with extras(perks) for those who join? Also, J records is notorious for not keeping their artist websites current or informative – how much input are they going to have? Thanks!

  20. Soulkaren says:


    I mentioned this over on my LONG post at your place this morning, but if there’s even a small chance that an opportunity could present itself for Taylor just to say “Hi…I’m happy” or something, it would be such FUN to hear from him.

    I rather doubt that you would delete his post THIS time…just sayin’! LOL

  21. # Bama Angelfish Says:
    October 12th, 2006 at 10:32 am

    Well, they say, “The best mission statements are plain speech with no technical jargon and no adornments.” #

    And I like it.

    I also im with you EJ. Finally some justice from TPTB 😉

  22. Bama Angelfish says:

    Well, they say, “The best mission statements are plain speech with no technical jargon and no adornments.” Good job.

  23. Gray Charles says:

    As of today, no support system. Things are fluid – hopefully they will be solid next week.

  24. kimmykins says:

    What were the pros and cons from your perspective prior to entering into the business proposition with Taylor and associated entities?

    For example if the servers you currently have now get overloaded do you now feel like you have a support system behind you?

  25. Gray Charles says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Management/Record team checking in on GC.com. On the other hand they know that I can help where they need help.

    The Strategic Mission Statement – really, it’s about two or three sentences. You could probably write it yourself.

    You want to do this. I can do that. Together we can do this and that.

  26. Orca says:

    An addition to my glitter comment: I’m not knocking anyone’s right to conduct their fan activities in the manner they desire, but hopefully, those other sites will remain in effect for that type of “expression”!

  27. Orca says:

    Ditto to deejay’s post @ 8:45 am

    Planet Taylor has two moons circling: Gray Charles and The Boogie. That’s all I need for everything to be right in the universe.

    GC is going to have a tidal wave of new business from other sites, but, given the set up and who the boss is, I don’t think I need to cross my fingers and toes against an invasion of glitter, flashing sig lines with huge multi-images and a million re-quoted quote posts. I include my thanks to Ash in this regard as well. I’m confident Taylor’s main site will also restrict this kind of thing.

  28. Bama Angelfish says:

    Gray, question. The strategic mission statement. Are you/can you elaborate on that at some point? And do you think observation of the site for input will be accessed directly by Taylor or his team or will you generally present the information to those concerned? Thanks and good morning.

  29. EJ says:

    This is indeed cosmic justice. If anyone’s site had the most to do with getting the power votes for Taylor’s win, it’s Gray’s. And if Taylor wants to endure, to really make his mark in the world of music, he knows it will be through high-quality music, not hype, not sex appeal, not by being the Dancing Monkey. All these other things merely support he point – it’s ALL about the music. Which is what Gray has been repeating like a mantra all along.

    So Gray, what are you going to do with all the fangirlies that are now directed to your site and want to swap pictures of Taylor’s crotch? Will they be herded into a separate area on the site? Who will keep up with censoring all the traffic an official site would receive?

  30. Gray Charles says:

    TPTB have not said word one about changing anything to me on this topic. I wouldn’t be surprised if something came up but it might have more to do with MP3’s from other artists available for download than anything else (and that’s just a guess).

  31. Cali50 says:

    OK, Gray, question from above: Will TPTB affect ‘the way you do that thing you do? ‘

  32. deejay says:

    I can only speak about MY circle, Ash, but you do make that complete. We have Taylor (the center of the universe, natch), we have Gray (the wizard who connects us to the universe), and Ash (the Boogie where we can discuss the universe and have fun parties and interesting musical discussions, etc.). A pretty damn good cirle, my opinion! Right now, in this moment, I’m a fairly happy camper…and at this point in my mid-life crisis, that’s a pretty big deal! 🙂

  33. Gray Charles says:

    Just for fun, if you want to ask questions about the whole setup feel free to do so. I’ll come back later and answer what I can.

  34. Cali50 says:

    I think more than anything else, it shows how Taylor stays connected with those who have helped him re:Gray, LMBO, etc. I really think this is one entertainer who will stay close to his roots and connected to the fans. We chose a good one!

  35. Linda T. says:

    On the one hand I think Taylor made a wise choice in building a bridge to his own website via Gray. He seems to have a goal of maintaining accessibility with the fanbase, which is a great thing to see. On the other hand I’ll just be interested as time goes on to see how having more “corporate” partnerships such as J Records, The Firm, etc. will affect Gray’s site. In the meantime, I’m grateful for both Gray and the Boogie!

  36. A. says:

    re: beachn

    How do I “make the circle complete”?
    Inquiring minds…….

  37. Molly says:

    I have to say that I’m ready for AI to start again. I just read TTT’s post as “McClive”, and I need something to make me stop doing that.

  38. TTT says:

    I think Gray has some great insights. I mean, come on….coming up with “Gray Charles” soon after Taylor arrives on the scene. Running with it. It has and will pay off in one way or another. And who benefits from this? EVERYONE! Taylor, Gray, Soul Patrol, J Records, The Firm, Mr Clive, other fans and more! Brilliant!!!!

  39. beachn says:

    Gray is a wonderful artist himself. He has a wonderful mind and Taylor like us recognized it early on. When Gray shut down, Taylor jumped up and said Here’s a personal interview. What an honor and acknowledgement of Gray’s talent. Taylor showed respect and made him a lifeline to his fans.

    Thanks Ash. You make the circle complete !!!!!!

  40. mary52 says:

    About time! Two smart guys deserve each other!!!

    Thank you, too, Ash, for all you do!!!!
    Best of luck to you in all of this as well!!!!

  41. MollyK says:

    I think the Boogie Street Journal is reporting this morning that Gray’s stock is booming and so is yours.

  42. Madison says:

    Great news–the site should evolve organically and be a terrific place to visit. Congratulations, Gray!

  43. ms.sonny says:

    Kudos to Gray.
    I knew this was coming.
    I knew Gray wouldn’t just walk.
    an Taylor,
    He is a very smart man.
    but I thought it would be
    more to be webmaster of TaylorsHicks.com?
    I’m sure More will be revealed.
    Gray always has something on the fire.

    But really
    I wonder if I should say congrats
    or Oh NO!
    This is a lot of work.
    an I’d get a headache just thinking about it.
    Gray spoke of time spent on the blog.
    an of missing his family-
    so I hope the support is there.
    It’s great to be able to do what you love.
    an it’s obvious Gray loves it.
    So to Gray and Taylor.
    Everything comes full circle.
    A job well done.
    Now,on with the show.

  44. SpaceOddity says:

    It’s definitely interesting. One thing’s for sure, this makes me admire Taylor even more – that he’s passionate about staying connected with his fans. Most musicians/artists/actors/celebrities these days couldn’t care less about online fansites dedicated to them. To see Taylor going out of his way to embrace it is really cool. I just hope that along with GC.com, he’ll be sure to recognize his other great fansites out there.

  45. katja says:

    I love the whole thing. This is how it should be. Graycharles was there the whole american idol journey and beyond…classy, informative, fun, snarky, speculative, did I mention fun…feeding us with Taylor news, videos, interviews…introdusing new music… I couln’t be happier when I saw the news this morning.
    Deep down I knew this would happen. Wooo.

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