It ain’t nothin’ but a G(roove) thing.

Taylor Hicks talks to GrayCharles about Groove, Groove, Groove,  and… more Groove.

An excerpt:

This record definitely grooves, it’s a groovy ass record. The thread running through the whole thing is that it grooves. It’s pretty cool man, the more I hear the songs the more I think ‘It’s a Groove Thing’, but I’m conscious that I want to make it radio friendly at the same time. I’ve taken the whole idea of my sound, what made me “me” and pushed it towards the groove end of things while always thinking about being radio friendly. I’m spending eight or nine hours a day in the studio.

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15 Responses to It ain’t nothin’ but a G(roove) thing.

  1. All I gotta say, is hey, groove on Soulman. 😉

  2. Omphalos says:

    mojave, i was “scruff-grabbed” by green onions (sounds like something you’d tell your shrink.) thanks for enlarging the boogiestock stock of goodies.

  3. aerinphil says:

    Alice and Robin4T started the scruff-grabbing discussion and I took the ball and ran with it :p indeed, that’s my favorite word of the week. How many more days till Dec. 5? Already told my husband to babysit that day bwahahaha!

  4. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Soulkaren – as a former West-Coastian, I promise there are ooodles of music stores there.

    aerinphil – I loved your phrasing “scruff-grabbed by Taylor” – that would make a most excellent (and oh so puzzling) t shirt.

    Let us groove away until December…

  5. Soulkaren says:

    This is just such a “genious of a marketing plan”! Swinging baby carrots before our eyes every day or so…just a bite…

    My focus is SO on December 5! My husband was asking me this morning about perhaps going to the West Coast the first week of December…yikes! How do I tell him I would rather be in line at Best Buy and then online with my Boogie Friends?

    aerinphil ~ I am TOTALLY scruff-grabbed as well!

  6. aerinphil says:

    In that case, I am totally scruff-grabbed by Taylor and this interview. And I really am curious what the heck is the “groove end of things”…Is it December 5 yet??????

  7. Kim(DogDoc) says:

    Ellen – what a name —

    Grabs you by the scruff of the neck. I do that to cats! LOL

    I loved the conversation.

  8. Ellencorndogdorkinatoratlarge says:

    Thanks for the blast from the past, mgd! A little funk/soul/boogie 101 for the chil’ren. It’s good to get back to basics, strip off the veneer, and remember where it all came from. The Alpha, if you will. December will bring the Omega, of 2006, anyway. I’m usually not one to wish my life away, but….

  9. mojavedesertgirl says:

    oooopsies, I guess that didn’t work – take two!

  10. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I think I was 17 the last time I was THIS EXCITED about an album coming out. Every little bit we hear about just ramps it up even more. Ohhhh Puppet Master Taylor, jerk those strings!!! Make your Soul Patrol dance!

    Here’s a bit of weirdness…I pondered during my lunch break about another band/song/video to add to the Boogiestock thread going on into infinity on the Boogie Board and I thought hmmmm no one has posted any…BOOKER T AND THE MGS – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So here’s a little something:

  11. Robin4T says:

    Alice, being serious for a sec. I do love what you said. His potential longevity. His unique sound. His accessibility. His familiarity. And his scruff grabbing. Yes to all.

    So excited to see how all of the above plays out in this album.

  12. AliceinWonderland says:

    Um, scruff of the neck, Robin. Guess my brain finished before my fingers did.

  13. Robin4T says:

    Grabs me by the scruff??? Okay. Never mind. 😉

  14. AliceinWonderland says:

    Robin, you’re making me think tonight and it hurts. 😉

    I’ve gotta figure that Taylor thinks his sound is what we’ve all heard so far. A mix of funk and soul, blues and rock, rap and calypso. All Taylorized to his satisfaction. I have no idea how he’s pushing it toward the groove end, but I can’t wait to hear it.

    One of the things I find most exciting about this journey of his (and ours) is his potential for longevity in the music biz. His sound is so unique and yet so accessible. You just know it’s Taylor when you hear him, and he reaches out and grabs you by the scruff every time.

  15. Robin4T says:

    I just love this interview! Everytime I read it I see a little something new.

    “I’ve taken the whole idea of my sound, what made me “me” and pushed it towards the groove end of things…”

    So I wonder what Taylor thinks his “sound” is? What is the the thing that makes him “him”? And how do you do take that sound and push it toward the “groove end’?

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