J.B.Lenoir- Slow Down

A little info.


4 Responses to J.B.Lenoir- Slow Down

  1. Thackeray says:

    I’m wanting to see that zebra-patterned suit. I think I know somebody who could just pull that off. Zebra-striped jacket, jeans, alligator shoes, monkey dance: just the thing to get your groove going.

  2. Omphalos says:

    Oops, the chair’s not floral. It’s triangular! Listening again, and this dude really is masterful in his timing. Carola, interesting point about T’s guitar skills. He does fudge it somewhat, doesn’t he.

  3. Omphalos says:

    From the link: “The ebullience of this ever-enduring classic, combined with Lenoir’s trademark zebra jackets, must have entranced audiences.”

    I’d say. He grabbed me right away with the coy, intense way he kept glancing into the camera. Anyone who communicates that well with countless strangers on the other side of the screen has got to have charisma. (Sound familiar?) Lovely, lovely voice.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to take screen grabs of this vid and do it as flip book? Something about it — the graphic strength of the image and how it flickered as he sang — made me think of that. The floral armchair was calling, too. Lol.

  4. Ash, I love the way he plays that guitar also. I’ve often wondered why Taylor hasn’t perfected his guitar playing more since he is such a strong fan of all these guys?! It is sad this fella died so young. Thanks!

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