New videos from Taylor Hicks’ Top 3 Homecoming.

The following videos are of the Fox Birmingham coverage of Taylor’s homecoming. They were transferred from VHS recoded by a local in Birmingham, so they’re much better quality than the small videos that Fox posted on their website. In addition, much of this footage was not posted on Fox’s site.

Dawn breaks on “Taylor Day”. Taylor at the radio stations. LMBO sets up on the roof.

Brian Less and Sam Gunderson from LMBO are Interviewed at the TV station.

Interview with Madison from 103.5 discussing AI performances.

Interview with Brad Hicks at TV station. Taylor enters the studio. Taylor interview, part 1.

Taylor interview, part 2. Taylor does the weather.

“This is your life” interview about high school. Taylor discusses his AI songs.

Taylor reunites with LMBO on the rooftop. Sings “Will It Go Round in Circles”.

Taylor and LMBO perform “Forever Man” and “What’d I Say” on the rooftop.

Cooking with Taylor. Taylor and LMBO perform “Jailhouse Rock” and “Hey Pocky Way” on the rooftop.

Thanks, Phantom


6 Responses to New videos from Taylor Hicks’ Top 3 Homecoming.

  1. Samz says:

    Way too big for those of us on dial up. Wish they were smaller. The first one I tried took 22 hours and still didn’t go through. Thanks anyway, for sharing.

  2. AliceinWonderland says:

    I can’t get parts 8 & 9 to download. Megaupload is telling me they’re not available or not there at all. Didn’t have any problem with the first seven. Help!

  3. Phantom says:

    Thanks, BarbieB. There are more to come. I have 3 more VHS tapes to go through. The tapes were provided by an SPer named Barbara from Bham. Great stuff.

  4. katja says:

    Thank you for killing my computer softly.

    Downloading as I type. Wooo! 🙂

  5. BarbieB says:

    Thank you these are great videos I only had pieces of them and now I have the whole collection. You are awesome.

  6. Colleen says:

    I haven’t downloaded these yet…. but my favorite always has been him doing the weather!


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