TaylorHicks.com to launch October 24th

According to a message from The Online Soul Patrol, TaylorHicks.com is scheduled to launch tomorrow, October 24th.

Taylorhicks.com Launching Tomorrow!
That’s right the wait is almost over! Taylor Hicks official website, http://www.taylorhicks.com, will be launching tomorrow, October 24th!

We’ll be in touch again soon, until then keep checking myspacecom/tayorhicks as well as our good friend over at graycharles.com for all the latest Taylor Hicks info (and a new blog entry from Taylor!)

Remember TH. 12.5 Get ready

If you haven’t signed up for The Online Soul Patrol you can do so by  clicking here.


4 Responses to TaylorHicks.com to launch October 24th

  1. quilter says:

    I just want to say I am listening to his disc…what better title than TAYLOR HICKS!!!
    That smokey voice just rocks me…makes me happy….keep it coming I will buy it and buy it and listen and listen…hope to see you at the Holiday Star in Merrillville, IN…they would love to book you I am sure….I just love ya!!

  2. SoulForever says:

    oooops….posted under wrong article

  3. SoulForever says:

    Infor that stood out to me………..

    Serletic calls Hicks a connection to past masters. “I don’t hear him phoning [the vocals] in. Take after take, he’s bringing it,” he says.

    He’s the anti-Idol in many ways.” Leshay says he keeps reminding Hicks that he’s now on the road he’s always wanted to be on and that there is no need to rush.

    he as-yet-untitled disc, at this point without a confirmed lead single, is surely a priority for the powers that be at Arista………maybe that’s why he’s pushing Hell of a Day….possibly single and album title????

    According to Hicks—who can currently be seen and heard in Ford’s “Drive on Us” ad campaign …….. has anyone seen this?????????

  4. Phantom says:

    Is this exciting or what? Can’t wait!

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