Hollywood nights

Coming soon to Rehearsals.com


5 Responses to Hollywood nights

  1. EJ says:

    oops meant hollywood

  2. EJ says:

    They’ve got a “Green Room” blog about Taylor now, and the headline is “Attention Soul Patrol! Hollywoos Nights Coming Soon!”

  3. Maryqtpi says:

    Hey is the guy in the pic with the guitar, NOT TAYLOR, flippin the bird!???

    Not nice. *giggle*

  4. Bama Angelfish says:

    You know, this morning Seger’s Hollywood Nights version came on my radio alarm at 5:45 and for once I didn’t hit the snooze button. I’ll see what comes up tomorrow morning.

  5. Oh good! I’m glad their putting up more videos. *Fingers crossed for ALL of the performances*

    Is this video going to be another Friday release?

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