Images from tonight’s benefit in NYC.

View more here @ GettyImages.


7 Responses to Images from tonight’s benefit in NYC.

  1. And thanks for the sensitivity: frommy perspective, put a freaking meal in the boy! He’s a little too thin for my tastes just now!

  2. EJ says:

    Thank God someone there cared enough about his music (as opposed to his celebrity status) to bring a copy of UTR to the event! Looks like he associated with the movers and shakers, not the commoners who only paid $2000 a plate. That makes a tad less mournful that I did not go.

  3. Linda T. says:

    Ash, thanks for posting that particular picture as the “entry point” to the others. Isn’t it cool that UTR is the CD he is signing instead of DIMYP?

  4. juliegr says:

    A working musician — looks like the ladies think he did a good job!! Glad to see these photos so soon. Good job and thanks.

    Cheers everybody!! Carry on!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. Hickstyeria says:

    How ironic. I am very familiar with both the hotel chain whose hotel was the venue and also Getty Images since I use them for my work. So how can I somehow work a photo of Taylor into the marketing material I create??? Do you think anyone would notice? Just kidding.

    I wonder if we’ll see Taylor and these photos in the next issue of ‘Town & Country’??

  6. This is the middle of the night and I haven’t been to bed but I have to get up in two hours for work (ooh–that is so not good) so pray forgive my bad use of language here. Saw the pix, thaks. The poor chap looks a bit thin for my taste. Honey, ypu need a good meal and, I duuno, two weeks vacation. A good meal at Charles Southern Style Restaurant in Harlem would do you a world of good. Grrens that would make you slap your ass and call ypur mama Larry. You’ve earned a break. Come on, poppa.

  7. Madison says:

    Wow, didn’t expect photos so soon, but thanks. Looks like the ladies were having a fine time tonight with their special guest–even if he was wearing jeans to the gala (denim is the new black, don’t you know)! I can only imagine that they were groovin’ in their velvet seats to the vibe of our own Soul Patrol and his wonderful band tonight–what a great evening for all!!!

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