Screencaps from Taylor Hicks’ EPK.

Credit for the caps goes to Twitterpated.

4 Responses to Screencaps from Taylor Hicks’ EPK.

  1. BJinFLA says:

    he’s gets more handsome every day
    thanks for the pics

  2. Zapattack says:

    How wonderful it is to see TAYLOR in a photo again. Some very nice pics here. Love that playful smile…so full of life and promise. Glad it’s back on his face where it belongs !!!

  3. hickifino says:

    Some of Twitterpated’s screen caps are better than the professional photos we were shown! Thank you! Wow!

    Sometimes I think that the photos are chosen by people who’ve never met Taylor and don’t know what he really looks like.

    There must a bunch of great shots from that photo shoot out there. Where are they? I wanna see!

  4. Soul Sister from Canada says:

    Thank you. thank you, thank you…due to dial up I wasn’t able to view the video. SWEET!!

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