The Real Scoop on Elliott & LiMBO.

The message below was taken from LiMBO’s Myspace site.
Hello Soul Patrol!

We hate to send out two bulletins in one day but we feel like we need to give you guys some info straight from us…

It has been a wild summer for everybody after Taylor won American Idol…we as a band were so proud of him…with that came an opportunity for us to hit the road and meet new fans all over the country…incredible…then the shows kept coming…thanks soul patrol…and we loved it when Tay stopped by and jumped on stage…and we even met more friends along the way that we liked to jam with including Elliott Yamin who we clicked with right away and we now consider part of our music family…

With the AI finale only a month behind us we have spent this time coming up for air…to meet as a band and consider our future…we have played post gigs with Elliott Yamin (Tacoma Concert Series Coming Home Concert) in Richmond and just this week a private gig in New York with Taylor…both were amazing…

We are going to continue to work with both Elliott and Taylor as opportunities present themselves… but it is important to note that right now we are not “officially” on tour with either artist…(we are pretty sure was referring to the fact that we played with Elliott in Richmond and it was pretty cool to see our name there) E & T are coming up for air as well and determining their path…figuring out their future…

Please note you guys that everyone is growing and evolving…including us…new friendships & old friendships will remain strong…we support both Elliott and Taylor in all of their endeavors and will support them in any way we can…

Actually we are focusing on ourselves as a band as well…and are very excited to announce we are going into the studio on Monday to finish Little Memphis Blues Orchestra’s first CD and we are hoping to have it available by the holidays…

There are several projects on the table being considered right now and a new management team is in place and don’t worry guys Dean hasn’t gone anywhere…he’s focusing on getting the Live from Workplay CD & DVD’s out to you guys…he’s workin’ hard…

Look for official news on the new website coming soon!

Thanks for all of your support and we hope you stay with us!



5 Responses to The Real Scoop on Elliott & LiMBO.

  1. To all of you in LMBO and Taylor,

    I am Brian’s aunt. I have heard ya’ll and think ya’ll are all wonderful. I am so proud of every one of you. Brian, I always knew you were headed for great things with your amazing talent. Please let me know when ya’ll are coming near Memphis. I will also find out from Lynette and Milton.

    Brian, I hope to see you and Stacy for an instant next weekend when ya’ll are here for Matt’s wedding. I would love to crash the reception so I can hear ya’ll play.

    I am one of the original and one of the biggest fans you have.


    Aunt Suzette

  2. patty cee says:

    i hate to sound like a broken record, but as i’ve said before on this subject, there are no finite combinations in music. it’s all good! carry on!

  3. OSB says:

    I don’t really know whether Taylor’s promotion of LMBO was meant to engage them as his tour band, or to bolster their chances for their own success. Obviously, those after parties along the AI tour got them some notice, and both LMBO & Taylor are getting what they wanted. Although, I didn’t get to see them, I wish them only the best in their new ventures. I look forward to receiving my Workplay DVD/CD and ordering their new CD.

  4. SoulForever says:

    It seems that road ahead is still uncertain except that LiMBO is not relying on anyone in particular to secure their future. They are a great band on their own and will be very successful. Of course, I hope they can do both…be their own successful recording/touring band and also Taylor’s tour band. GOOD LUCK LiMBO from the SOUL PATROL.

  5. I feel better after reading this from LMBO…somehow or other, the MTV note just didn’t make sense, as Elliott was VERY specific before, during & after his concert in VA that Taylor had ONLY let him borrow LMBO for that show. For some reason, my stomach just sunk when I read the MTV comment, as it just didn’t ring true in my gut!

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