Learn a little more about LiMBO.

Not in ‘LIMBO’ anymore.


Unless you’ve lived under a rock for some extended periods of time or (heaven forbid) have never read one of my articles, it is quite obvious how much I love Elliott Yamin; I’ve never tried to hide that. In my last article about Elliott, I placed him at the top of my all-time favorite interview subjects; Elliott, your position is in jeopardy.

After meeting the members of the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra (LiMBO), I think I have met Elliott’s match. The members of this band are completely fascinating, and their interactions with one another left me in tears—from laughing. I liken them to a group of brothers who obviously love each other but not enough to refrain from teasing each other mercilessly; no such love exists between siblings. When I asked the guys if they still have “day jobs,” the exchange gives but a hint of the interviewing journey with this groupread more…


One Response to Learn a little more about LiMBO.

  1. mojavedesertgirl says:

    That was interesting! I really appreciated getting all that background info…and now I know why Jeff gave himself the screen name “spiritualsax” on the board. Zippy was head of the drumline at UA? That’s pretty awesome. Good stuff, good stuff.

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