The latest regarding LiMBO’s WorkPlay DVD.

The quoted text below was copied and pasted from a message sent to all LiMBO forum members.

“We can’t begin to tell you how much your support means to all of us. Now on to the business at hand…Yes, we had expected to be shipping orders this week for both the DVD and CD. Asyou already know, this isn’t going to happen due to a minor delay. It was
originally posted by Tyler that there were problems with the licensing.
This is not true, but it’s not Tyler’s fault for the miscommunication. So
many things were discussed in that conversation and this simply became an
interpretation issue.While the process is quite complicated, let me try to
explain it to everyone:Wheneveryour music is accompanied by a visual
image, it requires an audio-visual synchronization license (known as a “sync
license”).As we have come to find out, this is not a fee set in stone, but a
negotiable fee based on time and the final form of the product. Until you
are in post production completing the final edits, there is no way to know
the actual finished time of your DVD until you are done. Guesstimates are
not acceptable – this absolutely has to be a firm, set in stone time. So
when we decided to produce both the CD and the DVD simultaneously, we didn’t
factor in the additional time for the sync license process. As a result,
there is a minor delay in delivering the DVD to your anxiously awaiting
hands — but there is a very good chance that we will be shipping out the
CD preorders sooner so you can start enjoying the concert in advance of the
DVD. We will most certainly be communicating that ship date as soon as
production is completed.We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your
patience and understanding during this time – we just want to make sure that
this is the absolute BEST LiMBO experience you can possibly have (short of
being at an actual concert!)…I assure you that this DVD and CD will be well
worth the wait.While we know you’re disappointed in the delay, there is
some good news:The T-shirts that have been ordered will be shipped out this
week, so keep checking your mailboxes!!!… and, as mentioned in a post
earlier from Visiting Muse, another press release is in the works and will
be posted shortly!!! Be sure to keep checking back.We think you’re going
to be quite pleased and excited about what we have to tell you! Thanks again
for your support – and thank you for being an important member of the Little
Memphis Blues Orchestra’s extended family.Dean Sanders”


One Response to The latest regarding LiMBO’s WorkPlay DVD.

  1. Indiana48 says:

    We think you’re going
    to be quite pleased and excited about what we have to tell you!

    Do we dare hope???

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