In the spirit of the Holiday.

all in good fun.


14 Responses to In the spirit of the Holiday.

  1. Shelley says:

    Ash…this was hilarious!

    Also, I love the new blog header! Very nice. 🙂

  2. EJ says:

    The man’s got a face of rubber.

  3. Liz says:

    Okay, I never comment on blog entries, but OMFG!!! I cannot believe you whipped that collage out again, Ash. I forget who did it now – was Katja the ‘bad fan’ responsible?

    Still looks like an *ahem* intimate moment to me…

  4. Shandykat says:

    Dammit! Now I can’t stop laughing! Yeah, I remember that thread, Cali 🙂

    Oh this picture…

  5. AmyH says:

    Heck yeah, Cali!

    It hit me that, with the Boogie Blog having a link from, a lot of new people are likely to see this pic tonight – and that just makes me double over in fits of laughter! 😀

  6. flowersKY says:

    You sly girl!

  7. Cali50 says:

    Shandy and AmyH, do you remember the very long thread where we had a discussion on this picture? Liz was there too!

  8. OSB says:

    That guy can imitate anybody!

  9. Shandykat says:

    Damn you! The Hunchback of Notre Dame was never supposed to see the light of day again!

  10. Cali50 says:

    This is one of my favorite “Taylor” collages!

  11. AliceinWonderland says:

    Good job, Ash!! God love him, that’s our Uber-Dork! 🙂

  12. Lee says:

    Excellent for this Hallows Eve.

  13. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    Ash, this never fails to make me laugh out loud. God love him, Taylor was really ‘into the moment’, wasn’t he? 🙂

  14. AmyH says:


    You’re a brave woman, Ash! Love it!! 🙂

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