TH TV Appearances

Below is a list of upcoming Taylor Hicks television appearances (along with appearances from the recent past). I will add more dates as soon as I have the information.

Oct 22 –
Oct 18- VIBE Magazine spread
Nov 5th – Golf Digest spread
Oct 19th – City of Hope (LA)
Oct 23 – Presbyterian Hospital Charity Ball/Fundraiser (NY)

Nov 03 – ABC 20/20 (9 PM)
Nov 06 – Access Hollywood
CNN Showbiz

Nov 07 – E!
Nov.10th Georgia!
Entertainment Tonight
Extra Nov 10th

David Letterman
Nov 19 – NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series (Singing National Anthem)
Nov 21 – American Music Awards (ABC) Presenter
Nov 23 – Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (9 – Noon)
Nov 29 – NBC Christmas Tree Lighting (8/7 PM)
Dec 04 – Billboard Awards (Fox – 8 PM)
Martha Stewart
Regis & Kelly
The Today Show
Tonight Show
The View
Dec 17 – TNT Christmas in Washington (8 PM)

thanks, ms. sonny

9 Responses to TH TV Appearances

  1. BarbieB says:

    Do you have a specific date for the Letterman show? I assume it is before Sunday since it is listed this way on the list. However, Taylor is not listed on this weeks guest list for Letterman.

  2. aerinphil says:

    It would be such a thrill for me if Oprah gets giddy just like when she guested John-John Kennedy!

  3. SoulForever says:

    Being for the south herself; Oprah is a sucker for southern charm…..especially when it belongs to “a tall drink of water” (as Basenji says).

  4. Taylor's Soulmate says:

    How, Ms.sonny do you always have the best info. Are you really Taylor? lol

  5. Colleen says:

    i’m wondering about David Letterman…. what day is that does anyone know?

  6. aerinphil says:

    I agree 🙂 pretty please…thanks!!! I wonder if Oprah is a fan…hmmmm…

  7. katja says:

    Yes. Pretty please. please-please-please!!!!

  8. SoulForever says:

    Same here for Oprah…….pretty please?

  9. Basenji says:

    The idea of Martha Stewart and Taylor Hicks is too delicious for words. Please someone capture this for me! Pretty please?

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