National Ledger LMBO Interview-Installment #3

The guys of The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra talk future with Shirley Kennedy National Ledger. Link.


Sam: At first, we didn’t showcase our original music because here we were a full entity with Taylor, and then, Taylor leaves. There’s a grace period where you have to kind of look at the new sound and form the new sound and forge the new relationship with the individuals—members in the band. So, we took that time and developed rather easily a formula for playing together and then, that kind of just naturally drifted itself into original expression, which is what we’re concentrating on now. The shorter answer is, yes, we do have original material, and that’s going to be the main focus of our performances coming up.


3 Responses to National Ledger LMBO Interview-Installment #3

  1. MollyK says:

    Really nice article, Basenji.

    I agree, and can only add “I got your ice-cold NuGrape”.

  2. JAG says:

    Guys you are awesome,and I hope you’ll come back to Connecticut soon.My husband and I saw you perform at the Danial St Club in Sept. and were blown away by you.Wishing you the best on your venture,and YEAH to original music!!!

  3. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Most excellent re: original music!
    Is it New Year’s Eve yet?

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