Audio Streams from Taylor Hicks’ debut album.

Check them out and feel free to comment with your opinions.


“The Runaround” – Quicktime

“The Runaround”- Windows Media Player


“Dream Myself Awake” – Quicktime

“Dream Myself Awake”- Windows Media Player


“The Right Place”- Quicktime

“The Right Place”- Windows Media Player



7 Responses to Audio Streams from Taylor Hicks’ debut album.

  1. Jeffy says: has his whole album to listen to !

  2. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Hey there!

    I haven’t been around for awhile, but checking on old and beloved haunts. Really liked ‘The Runaround’ and the devilish little ending. I want to hear more of Dream Myself Awake.

    I don’t know why, but I’m thinking of Livingston Taylor now.

  3. Karebare says:

    This is going to be one SUPERB album!! I like all of the streams I’ve heard so far for all different reasons. “The Right Place” is ,OMG, sooooo soulful and sensuous, absolutely my favorite so far.
    ‘Runaround’ is just plain fun, hope to hear it live someday and there had better be dancin’ room. ‘Dream Myself Awake’ , great vocal, lyrics and accompanment, IMO it should be a big hit.

    Looking forward to 12-12-06!!

  4. SpaceyTracy says:

    The Right Place is the right song. I could listen to it over and over. It brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it, because I was moved, because it was written for Ray Charles and Taylor got to record it, because the song is so much of what I’d hope for from Taylor on the album. I think it could be a commercial success too.

    Dream Myself Awake is my 2nd favorite. I think it has HUGE potential to be a big radio hit, probably of the three songs so far, the one I think should be the first single. Of course not having heard the rest of the album, that could change. I think it has a nice sound for radio.

    Runaround… I am still trying to appreciate this one. I understand Taylor needing the grab the pop market, but I don’t even think this one is modern pop. It sounds like retro 80’s pop (not a good thing IMO). I don’t think the young market would really grab onto it, but I could be wrong.

    All three just make me even more excited than ever to hear the whole album. I am truly thankful we got to hear these previews. I wonder if there are any critiques of them out there anywhere (from media sources).

  5. JAG says:

    Love all three ,but was blown away by The Right Place.His vocals just shine in this song.Very impressive so far and I know that the rest will be equally impressive.I predict a monster hit for the CD!!

  6. Colleen says:

    wooo! can’t wait! like all of the songs so far!

  7. MollyK says:

    Okay, randomly commenting as I listen:

    I like that you can ALWAYS tell it’s Taylor’s voice. I expected that with Bo and didn’t get it.

    Runaround: I like the beginning drum pop. I caught some “You Make My Dreams Come True” in a couple of spots, and I’m an 80’s kid who pretty much can’t stand a single thing from then but Mellencamp, Petty, Stevie Ray. Until I remember Hall and Oates or probably plenty of other people or certain songs. However, “You Make My Dreams Come True” is not one that I like very much.

    Having said that, I do believe that it will be awesome live. It’ll be the crazy-dancing number where people are bashing each other in the nose with their elbows.

    Dream Myself Awake: I have to say that I’m not a native southerner, but I really really dig that you can still hear the accent in this. I’d like to hear the whole thing to make a judgment. I like the lyrics, and I do like the fact that it’s kinda poppy. If you want to lure the kids away from the satanic lights of “My Hump” and “Badonkadonk”, this has a decent shot at it.

    The Right Place: Well, my baby hasn’t forgotten me and still loves me. He cain’t live without me. YEAH!!! I’m an ANGEL!!! WHOOOO!!!! I particularly like the pained “I ain’t askin” part, and the ending. I mean before the “yes, indeed”, that’s cute and cool, but it sounds a little smug and takes away from the feel of the rest of the song where he wants me SO bad. But then I do like a little arrogance in a man or I wouldn’t have read GrayCharles for two minutes.

    I really think this is some good stuff. Good enough that would get radio play even without the Clintonish Juggernaut of his extrordinarily impressive PR machine. I suspect the best is yet to come from this album and that all is right in the Soul Patrol world, my friends.

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