Soul Patrol Ornaments- Profits benefiting NOMC

An open letter from Jan (SPR), to you::

The holiday season is here again and I am amazed by the dramatic change in my life since this time last year. The most profound change in my life was my decision to found Soul Patrol Relief with the single goal of making this world a better place.

Over the last year SPR has reached out to Hurricane Katrina victims at the Flora-Bama, helped Project Heart and Soul with their efforts to fund Studio By The Tracks, and joined forces with The Official Soul Patrol to raise funds for KidOne Transport. The Boogie Board was there from the beginning lending support at every step of the way. Together we have and will continue to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Our latest cause is the New Orleans Musician’s Clinic (NOMC). NOMC is an innovative not-for-profit occupational medicine and wellness partnership that offers comprehensive health care to musicians and their families in the New Orleans area. Dedicated on May 2, 1998, NOMC became the first such health initiative in the United States, addressing the health care needs of musicians and their families. To date their dedicated consortium of service providers has treated more than 800 local musicians.

SPR will be selling Christmas ornaments for the holidays with all proceeds benefiting NOMC. It is important to realize that things aren’t back to normal in New Orleans. Many musicians have left and not come back. Others are living in New Orleans but have lost their homes and most of their possessions to Hurricane Katrina. I am asking for the Soul Patrol to come together in the spirit of the holidays to help the musicians that are so vital to the culture of New Orleans.

This is the first in a series of collectible Soul Patrol Ornaments being offered by Soul Patrol Relief. Each ornament will be made by a member of SPR and numbered. Get yours today at

bloggers note:

I understand that some people who are fans don’t identify themselves as members of the “Soul Patrol”, and that many folks may not want ornaments. However, I still encourage you to donate to NOMC if you are able. It is a great cause, and the organization is vital to New Orleans musicians and music scene.




3 Responses to Soul Patrol Ornaments- Profits benefiting NOMC

  1. barneyvp says:

    This is a great cause and such a nice way to make a difference in the world while showing fan support for Taylor as well. For anyone who hasn’t bought one………….what are you waiting for…………….go check it out!!!

  2. Hi Ash, Thanks so much for putting this front page on your site-that’s awesome!
    We have already sold a bunch of them, and hope to sell out. There are only 250
    printed so I can’t imagine we couldn’t sell them all, with the thousands of Soul
    Patrollers out there. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

  3. bjewel says:

    Way to go, Jan! And, thanks, Ash, for displaying this up front…you are the best!

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