Access Extended: Taylor Hicks

Taylor talks to one of the folks @ Access Hollywood about the media, good food, his appreciation of NYC and more.

View it here. 


3 Responses to Access Extended: Taylor Hicks

  1. fsuz says:

    Thanks Ash. So sweet when he is asked about being confused with George Clooney, “I wish” so humble. George Clooney is a handsome man, but he has nothing on Taylor.
    IMHO Taylor is really much more handsome and exciting, but just the same his humility is endearing.

  2. aerinphil says:

    Thanks Ash! Loved the interview but I couldn’t understand the interviewer’s questions or is it just my speakers?
    Was this done before the Rockefeller gig?

  3. Cali50 says:

    Thanks for finding this, Ash.It’s a long interview! I’mglad he got to address that other article where he was so misquoted. Can someone please find this man a date, please????

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