TH Bits and Bobs for 12/1

-See Taylor sing “Living For The City” on

Be sure to catch Taylor tonight on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he will perform his new single “Runaround”.

Taylor Hicks visits Ray Charles’ studio- Great new video here on

Scans of Taylor’s most recent spread in People!

Scan 1
Scan 2

Thanks to babynco for the people scans!


4 Responses to TH Bits and Bobs for 12/1

  1. Bama Angelfish says:

    Did y’all see that next week will be You Are So Beautiiful on Saw it in the Green Room.

  2. mojavedesertgirl says:

    He must be channeling Ray – did you check out all the SHOES that man had? Taylor probably left that day thinking, gotta get me some more SHOES…

    And I too did an orbital roll over the Justin Timberlake comment. Uh huh. Sure. Strange. But whatever – Taylor is a happy guy, just swimming in his element right now, and good for him.

  3. Omphalos says:

    Oh mama! Thanks for posting the scans. Looking good in that soft gray jacket. Even better, he’s wearing it in Ray freaking Charles’s studio! Now that, I can believe, was “a dream come true.”

  4. Jan says:

    Interesting article. I actually cringed twice though…
    Once when someone called him the re-incarnation of Ray Charles. Yikes!
    When Taylor mentioned that he liked the beats or whatever of Justin Timberlake. Yuck! Different strokes I guess. It just goes to show that music is a very personal thing.

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