Runaround- Leno Performance

Check it out

wmv download provided by Gypsee

All I can say right now is wow. I’m not too keen on the recorded version, but live! is a whole ‘nother story.

10 Responses to Runaround- Leno Performance

  1. mac_fae says:

    Only to other soul patrolers would I admit that I have watched Leno vido at least 15 times. ( Took me the first 5 to stop worrying about him tripping over his harp mic cord. )
    I love it – obviously ( obsessively ?)
    Loved the pause…then 1 2 3 bam followed by that jammin harp action.
    Of course, the scattin on White Christmas was way up there on my list of favorite Taylor moments – just great!

  2. kelmeister says:

    HOLY CRAP. That was awesome.

  3. kyomi says:

    great performance but he looked better at the ama’s….that night he looked like a young model.

  4. JAG says:

    OMG ,I can’t wait for the tour.Taylor in person is unbelievable,a must see!!! He is by far the best entertainer out there right now!!! His mere entrance into the room is heart stopping!!

  5. deejay says:

    ditto, Ash. it grows on you after you see it live. but then, that’s a big part of who Taylor is, isn’t it. his tour will be his bread and butter. on the radio, on CD, he’ll be great – but on stage live…no one will doubt his talent and passion. when I saw this on Leno I felt a little vindicated. like I can go to work on Monday and say to those naysayers, “see? see what I told you?” and they’ll have to admit he’s got “it.”

  6. Colleen says:

    “All I can say right now is wow. I’m not too keen on the recorded version, but live! is a whole ‘nother story.”

    Ash if you wrote this I’m with you. I think it’s becuase I feel he’s a better preformer when he’s live then in a sound room. But what do I know, I’m liking the song more and more.

  7. MollyK says:

    I thought this was really jammin, and made the song grow on me exponentially. I especially liked the stop and then the harmonica encore touch.

    Thanks so much to Gypsee and Ash. I had a biatch of a day yesterday and fell asleep waiting for Leno to come on.

  8. Nirak says:

    The worst part about the video is at the end, when it’s all done, and it give you the option “To Watch Again”. WELL OK!!! Duh what else am I suppose to do????

  9. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I’ll never fall asleep tonight – I’m so wound up I’ll have to “runaround” the house to wear myself out. Har har har. Seriously – that was just…great. And I screamed when I saw that Jeff was wearing his woo dust! Great great stuff! Even some crazy circle dancing at the end! Who could ask for more?

  10. flowersKY says:

    Thanks Gypsee and Ash! It was great to see it on Leno, but you know, got to see it again and again….

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