Taylor Hicks self-titled album preview at VH1.com!

VH1.com is now offering you a full preview of Taylor Hicks self-titled new album that will be released next Tuesday- 12/12.

I am not listening until the official release date, but if you are curious and don’t want to wait, you can click on over to VH1.com and take a listen.

11 Responses to Taylor Hicks self-titled album preview at VH1.com!

  1. Dianne E. Britain says:

    I am a HUGE Taylor fan, have been since I watched him audition! Voted for him all the way through! Soul Patrol!!! Purchased his C.D. the day it hit the stores! I have to say I was dissapointed that he had such a serious face in all the photos…that huge contagious smile is a big part of who … “TAYLOR HICKS ” is!! Keep that smile for us Taylor, don’t let anyone or anything, take that beautiful smile, that is so much a part of your total package, away from you!Love your voice, love the new C.D. love YOU! SOUL PATROL !!!!!! Can’t wait for more C.D.’s Taylor style!!!

  2. samantha says:

    I love your muisc so much.

  3. ChuckRitt says:

    Well, Taylor apparently had very little creative control on this cd. I like all the songs, and Taylor does a great job with what he was given, but only half of the songs actually sound like “Taylor”. I do like this cd, but now I’m even more interested to hear his next cd, when he actually has complete control. I think this cd and his next one when he’s done with “Idol” will be totally different. All in all, good cd… I figured Idol would make him go out of his style, and they did, but he did a great job with what they gave him.

  4. boogie says:

    Thanks, Marc! Your work and generosity are appreciated.

  5. Marc says:

    If you are on a Mac or use Firefox, I’ve hacked apart the VH1 site and made my own player that works on everything. Enjoy while it lasts!


  6. JAG says:

    OK, I have listened to the songs pretty much all night and still can’t pick a favorite. This CD is absolute perfection on every level.Taylor’s vocals are amazing and the instrumentals are superb.Taylor promised a kick ass CD and he certainly delivers!I can’t believe this only took six weeks to complete.What a masterpiece this is!!

  7. deejay says:

    Ash, I’m with you on waiting. I’m experiencing a little Taylor sensory overload at the moment – together with “real life is a load of crap” overload. I want to savor the cd in the environment that works best for me – my car on the drive to work. really. that’s my music enjoyment zone. that’s where I’ll be on the morning of 12/12. stop by Wal-Mart on the way to work and then drive and groove. but it’s great to hear such positive feedback on the cd as a whole. I’m so happy for Taylor right now!

  8. Karebare says:

    This is one fabulosooooo CD. My God, Taylor, how did you do it in such a short time? No wonder you’ve gotten so thin.

    Can’t wait to get my copy!!!!!!!

  9. krusty says:

    This CD is INCREDIBLE. I just can’t stop grooving! It gets better and better with each and every listen. Taylor, you did an AMAZING job. Congratulations!

    Also…is the Boogie Board down?

  10. Poolie says:

    I cannot get it to work, which is unusual, I’ve not had any trouble with any other streaming from anywhere. Guess I’m destined to wait for the actual CD.

  11. IbelieveinTHesong says:

    Wow! What an AMAZING CD!! I had already heard the 3 preview tracks — but I was completely “woooooed” when I listened to all the songs at VH1. Tay’s heart & soul are definitely reflected on every track — can you say crossover hits? Gotta go back & listen again……

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