Upcoming TH Appearances

Dec 11 – The View
Dec 12 – The Early Show
Dec 12 – CNN Showbiz Tonight
Dec 13 – Martha Stewart
Dec 13 – Dr. Phil Christmas Show – (Taylor will not physically be there.)
Dec 13 – TNT Christmas in Washington
Dec 14 – Satellite Media Tour
Dec 14 – Megan Mullally
Dec 18 – AOL Sessions available
Dec 19 – USO Show/Private

credit for this compilation of information goes to GrayCharles.com


4 Responses to Upcoming TH Appearances

  1. mac-fae says:

    I would love to see him on Conan – generally a younger hipper crowd ( expand fan base ) and the show is very relaxed.

  2. Doris says:

    I wonder why he’s not going to be on David Letterman or Ellen. You’d think they would want someone as popular and talented as Taylor.

  3. mac-fae says:

    patty cee
    I am with you – where else we gonna hear a rockin’ scattin’ Christmas song !
    Would love to see him do again because he never does anything twice the same way
    and yeck yeah, I buy it as a single !

  4. patty cee says:

    man, i hope he does that jammin’ xmas medley again on the dr phil (ew) xmas show. in fact, i wish it were a single!

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