Sunday Sundry.

New article via NY Times- Overnight Star? Well, It’s Been a Long Night.

The article shows Taylor Hicks in a very positive light. Score on that one!

Now the question is: What will the “Soul Patrol” think about the text quoted below?

“The Soul Patrol, mostly fawning middle-aged women, were and are harder to ignore. When the season ended, they focused on helping him achieve commercial success, following the “Idol” tour and buying hundreds of copies of his “Idol” single to ensure its gold status. They followed his career obsessively and weighed in on every aspect of his life. Unfavorable reviews earned critics a barrage of angry e-mail messages. They debated everything from if, when and whom he should date to how he should style his hair to whether it was acceptable for the “Idol” to swear.

In the meantime Mr. Hicks set out to establish himself as a serious artist, making impromptu appearances with performers like Widespread Panic, the Allman Brothers and Willie Nelson. But news that he would appear with the rapper Snoop Dogg caused an uproar. “I sincerely hope Taylor doesn’t lower himself to the level of that womanizing, drug-using thug,” one fan posted on, the official Taylor Hicks blog. “It almost, just almost, makes me want to retract the 2,000 text votes that came in my Cingular bill today.””

Are the folks at the NYT in for “a barrage of angry e-mail messages”?
I would hope not.


Moving on….

Short but sweet.

A new article on Never An Idle ‘Idol’

11 Responses to Sunday Sundry.

  1. MJ says:

    This is to ROAR…and to other’s whose opinion of Taylor’s fans (Soul Patrol) is on the negative side due to the article mentioned here (NYTimes). For the record, it was Taylor who called his fans SOUL PATROL. He also said that he wanted a fan base, like SOUL PATROL to be similiar to Jimmy Buffets, Parrott Heads:) …So in saying that, Taylor asked for his legion of fans, SOUL PATROL or he would not have yelled it each week on AMERICAN IDOL. Basically, with IDOL over for Taylor come this January, he will forever be known as the man who yelled SOUL PATROL on IDO and everyone knew what he meant…, that is fact.

    Now then, as for those fans mentioned as middle aged crazed women? LOL…Fact is, Taylor has rabid fans of ALL ages, but 30’s up and yes, to middle age have a keen memory of the super star who caused woman to go crazy, AKA ELVIS PRESLEY…And yes, I see the same adoration for Taylor as Elvis, it is only beginning. Contrary to what anybody thinks, it comes with the territory. Taylor caused it and we are not complaining!

    While some fans will also believe they own Taylor because they voted their hands off for him, there comes a point where there is to much of that. However, every super star like TAYLOR needs his fans, without them, he would not be in this position, nor would he have a concert tour, nor anything else. So, while there are always those who want to much for their idol, there are those of us who adore TAYLOR and yes, we defend him and why not? If articles are unfair and biased, we have a right to voice our views and our displeasure, just like anyone else would on ANY topic or person. Freedom of speech is still with us last time I looked. As with any large group of fans, there can be those who go beyond the line, but that is just the way it is.

    So no matter what anyone thinks of TAYLOR’s FAN CLUB…SOUL PATROL, it is in full force as it was during IDOL and I doubt seriously that Taylor would want it any other way…it’s a compliment to him that the fans HE NAMED have such adoration for him….or else why would he go on tour and make CD’s? THis has been Taylor’s dream..and like ELVIS PRESLEY…TAYLOR will only get bigger and his fan base, SOUL PATROL will to…Check TAYLOR’S website….Enough said.

  2. I agree the article was favorable, although there were some generalizations made which were far too broad. And speaking of broads, the comments about middle aged women populating the fan base seemed a bit patronizing. I’m sure you all saw the maelstrom that was the Gray Charles site yesterday. It was practically a category 4. Keep your heads down to avoid flying debris.

  3. Roar says:

    I have stayed WAY on the outside of any “fandom” involvement after experiencing firsthand what insanity can prevail in Confanlandia. My perception was that Soul Patrol was something that happened BEFORE Taylor was on AI… I seem to recall him saying something about that in an interview with Ryan?

    I sense that Taylor is much more of his own man and will not be brought down by crazy ass fans like his losing AI predecessors Clay Aiken and Constantine Maroulis.

    And if videos do exist of women screaming “Take it off” like they did on Clay videos or if messageboards where Taylor fans talk about orgasming in their seats like they do on Constantine boards? Someone please stab my eyes out NOW. kthnxbi

  4. CaliforniaFan says:

    Loved the article and agree that people need to realize that just because they voted for Taylor it doesn’t mean that he “owes” them something.

  5. JAG says:

    Taylor’s versatility is one of the things I admire him for.Survival in the music industry depends on it.I read the article a couple of times and thought that it was quite good.,and pro Taylor which is a good thing.I do fall into the middle aged group,but haven’t noticed any foaming at the mouth as of yet,so I guess rabied I’m not! Kidding aside I was happy to read something positive!

  6. Shelley says:


    That means more than you know.

  7. HicksKicks says:

    I would have loved to see both sides of the SP portrayed, not just the over-the-top aspect that some fans demonstrate. However, the article as a whole was very positive and I’m happy to see it.

  8. boogie says:

    Exactly, baby.

    Also, thanks for the heads up on Shelley’s post, Claire. I read it and I agree with her and a few others.
    It’s time for people to wake up and own up.

  9. babynco says:

    I think that the “Soul Patrol” deserves a kick in the rump. Voting for someone does not give you the right to own them. It gives you the right to enjoy the music that you voted to hear. I for one would like to distance myself from the stigma of the SP and I think that Taylor is so delicately doing the same thing… and ya know what…. Good for him…

  10. Josie says:

    Are the folks at the NYT in for “a barrage of angry e-mail messages”?


    Please, don’t put any ideas into their heads!

  11. Claire says:

    Shelley made a very brave post in the NYT article thread at GC. She was immediately flamed by many posters. Head over and read it. Methinks people got so annoyed because they may have recognised a little of themselves in those references and didn’t like having the description driven home to them in such a negative light.

    But I could be wrong.

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