Cat Power- “Lived In Bars”


7 Responses to Cat Power- “Lived In Bars”

  1. Basenji says:

    She makes me need to smoke and be very very bad.

  2. Basenji says:

    Mr. Basenji and I are grooving to this babe.

  3. Ash. says:

    Jens Lekman is my new Sufjan Stevens who was to me what Cat Power is to Gray Charles.

    Movin on.
    Like a rolling stone.

  4. Omphalos says:

    Ash, Cat Power is my Cat Power. If you know what I mean. Chan Marshall rules the universe! Or should. Or something. Love her high kilowatt languor.

  5. Gray Charles says:

    Who is this Cat Power person? Cause I tell you what, she is HAWT.

  6. Carol says:

    I do so enjoy her … here’s a NPR Live Concert Series link from one of her recent performances:

    Fair warning, it’s nearly two hours in length, but worth the download. Specifically, check out her cover of RLM’s “Crazy” at about 1:36:00 – just great!

  7. Marianne Yelle says:

    Gorgeous voice. In fact, this kind of ‘bare tune’ is what I hope to see from Taylor next time around.

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