Orange Bowl Video

Hi-Def video ofTaylor Hicks @ Orange Bowl- 1/2/07. (thanks, phantom)


2 Responses to Orange Bowl Video

  1. boogie says:

    Shirley, can you tell me the username you registered under?

  2. Thanks for posting this, good people. I wanted to watch it again because after glancing at a fraction of the 8 million comments about the performance on Gray Charles, I doubted I could ever view this performance with an objective eye again. But, glory be, I can. My initial impression and my impresssion the second go round is that he’s awfully glad to be a part of this, he seems almost overly excited. Giddy–that’s the word. That’s a otherworldly feeling when you’re just having fun and it shows. I think it’s a marvelous attribute not to be able to contain joy–that it seeps from inside and moves you to action. If you were at a rural church somewhere, one might call it speaking in tongues or feeling the spirit. Forget the song (with respect) and whatever else–the pure delight, giddiness, sheer joy he was expressing was fresh and wonderfull.

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