Taylor Hicks’ first single.

As many of you know, “Just To Feel That Way” has just been decided as Taylor Hicks’ first single!

What are your thoughts on this choice? Do you feel comfortable with this song representing his album, or would you have chosen another if given the power?


20 Responses to Taylor Hicks’ first single.

  1. Harriett E. says:

    Anyone can say anything about Taylor Hicks. All I know is my heart throbs every time I see his face or hear him sing. Love everything about him. I’m with soul patrol all the way!
    He will be a legend in his own time .

  2. desertgirl says:

    I LOVE JTFTW and think if the radio stations will give it a chance it will be a hit. However, Taylor’s vocals on TRP are so restrained yet powerful his performance is up there with the greats. I thought I’d like the album but can’t take it off “shuffle/repeat”. All other music seems pale in comparison. I am so pleased with the album Taylor made – it does not disappoint. One question, though. If JTFTW is going to be the new single, why did Taylor sing Runaround on the View? Anyone have a theory?

  3. Jan B. says:

    I love that everyone has a different favorite! The CD grows on you and I now like them all, even GMT. Though it’s not my favorite, I really think DMA would hit big as a single–it has that catchy ‘i can’t get enough of you baby’…and I love the way the background singer yells ‘BEcause’…my nieces and nephews LOVE that song.

  4. MollyK says:

    I think JTFTW is a good pick for the single. But that’s because I think it’s the most like what’s on the top-40 radio now. It’s not my favorite either. Next up on the “current” sounding list to me is The Maze, which nobody seems to be jazzed about, although I quite like it.

    I’m with Chicken and Waffles on The Deal. I’ve listened to the CD quite a bit and that’s my carved in stone favorite.

    Having said that, I think it’s pretty cool and encouraging that there is such a wide range amongst us diehard fans as to our favorites. It’s a good sign. If they put out the most wide-reaching song as a single, which I do think is JTFTW, people will hear the other songs on the album and like different ones.

    I have Corinne Bailey Rae’s CD and regularly listen to two songs from it. Same with Christina Aguilera’s. Same with Gnarles Barkley’s.

    These guys and girls who are setting this whole thing up aren’t morons.

    Taylor has a huge advantage from the social science of marketing being four-square behind him. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the single has been delayed to coincide with marketing results that you yourselves played a part in with your responses on GC and with the upcoming AI season?

    Everyone wants to make money. Yeah, they’ll feature Chris. Watch for Carrie too. Taylor will be there. It’s now only an idle curiosity as to when and an obsessive curiosty to us as to whether the timing is positioned to be better for him or for AI. I expect a happy medium will be reached.

  5. Christina says:

    YESSSS! I just felt that this was THE right song for his debut! I also hope to hear “Runaround” later. I can’t help but seat-dance when I hear that one in my car! Taylor, I have waited since American Idol for this cd and you do not disappoint!

  6. Lynda says:

    I don’t think I could pick a fav. this is one of the few cd’s that I don’t skip over anything. sorta’ in the same box with Bonnie Raitt , Santana, and Travis Tritt.

  7. If we’re being honest here, it’s not one of my favorites. In my view, it does very little to showcase his vocal abilities or song style. It doesn’t have much in the way of hallmarks to distinguish it from a lot of other music on the radio. Maybe that’s why it’s being released. It’s mainstream and will appeal to the masses. And that’s why I’m not Clive Davis.

    I can’t explain why, but I always come back to “The Deal.” I know it’s not as mainstream as the proposed single, but this song speaks to me. It reminds me of Bonnie Raitt..something about it. I much prefer “Gonna Move” and “The Maze” to the single. But again, I already bought the CD and the record company doesn’t need me–it needs the other million people who haven’t bought it yet.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  8. HicksKicks says:

    Is this going to be released as a single for sale, or just for radio play?

  9. SpaceyTracy says:

    I think its a good choice, its perfect for top 40 radio and will give Taylor a lot of exposure. Not much on this album is going to win him grammys or help him to shed the Idol stigma, but I am confident future albums will do that for him. I really like the song, its one of my favorites on the album. I just wish it was “out there” already. I have NEVER heard Taylor on the radio yet.

  10. kyarilee says:

    I think the JTFTW will appeal to most people. I love his vocals on it. The second song should be HK or WILMH.

  11. JAG says:

    JTFTW is the song I would have chosen,it is a powerhouse of a song and will appeal to all age groups.I think it will soar to #1 in no time!WILMH nd PIB and The Deal would be my second,third and fourth picks.Aw,who am I kidding I just can’t decide which I love best !

  12. lela says:

    OK….I will bend to the fact that everyone thinks this will be the biggest chance of radio play/hit (I do like it), but usually singles have a B side…then make it THE RIGHT PLACE. Then people can buy it for either song.

    Lots of people bought Bo’s InsideYourHeaven-Vehicle for Vehicle for example and that Bo Bice single as of last week has been on the “singles SALES” charts for 58 weeks, and was #39, previously for a whole year or so springing up now and then into number one or top ten in single sales. Which has not been brought up in the music news at all. 58 weeks on the charts in top 40.

  13. Tarheel4Taylor says:

    It’s my favorite song from the CD, so I’m very happy that it was chosen as the single.

  14. Margaux says:

    JTFTW grabbed me the first time I heard it. This surprised me as I am not normally a fan of power ballads, and it’s not a typical Taylor song. But he sure does sing his heart out, and the intro with the piano and the counterpointing triplets in the vocal was a nice touch.

    While this song may not be the “archetypal” Taylor we love, I think it will appeal to a broad range of music listeners, work on a variety of radio formats, and perhaps a hit TV show during February sweeps. So it’s a good choice. Then follow it up with something soulful like Heaven Knows or (dare we hope) the Deal?

  15. Colleen says:

    I also love JTFTW! but once again, still waiting to hear TAYLOR on the radio. I haven’t, but did hear DIMYP on Home Depot’s radio.

  16. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I love JTFTW – Taylor’s vocals are wonderfully passionate on it. I have a tendency to hit repeat when it’s playing in the car. Do they still make music videos? (Honestly, I can’t tell – everytime I turn to VH1 or MTV I see everything except music videos.) I think the song would translate well to that medium. All that said – personally I wish the single was HK just because I think it truly represents “Taylor” and his whole “modern whomp music” concept. It’s the album song most like what he would have written himself. It’s infectious (in a good way!), and I think it would have captured attention by being different and interesting and unique – much like Mr. Hicks himself. I feel like the J Records are playing it safe by going with JTFTW, and don’t really trust Taylor being Taylor. But if Taylor is happy with the choice, than all will be well. So far he’s been exceptionally wise about his career…so don’t fix what ain’t broke, I guess.

  17. idolicious says:

    I’m happy with JTFTW being the single from the radio-play angle, because I think it’s radio-friendly enough in a James Blunt-y way to get some decent airplay. I’m disappointed in that I don’t think it’s representative of Taylor’s style (though I do think it’s representative of his vocal strengths). Hopefully he’ll be able to release a more “Taylorized” single (“Heaven Knows” would be my first choice) to ride the coattails of JTFTW if it has success.

  18. Cali50 says:

    Good question, Ash! I am happy with the choice because from the day the previews were posted, everyone who listens to the radio said JTFTW would be a big hit. So I’m going by their opinions. I like it a lot, but it’s not my number one (or two) favorite. I also think Heaven Knows would be a good choice. Do singles still have A and B sides? I wonder what side B will be, if so? My favorite on the album is WILMH, but I don’t think his single should be a redo.

  19. cathy hancock says:

    Since everyone has different “favorites” for different reason, I think we can all agree on one thing. Just To Feel That Way , whether it is our choice or not, will become our choice because Taylor is singing it, we will hear it on the air waves and it will help to further sell his CD. The promotion of that CD and his Tour are what is important, NOT whether we approve or diapprove of a corporate decision.
    Onward !!!!!

  20. Marianne Yell says:

    I love Heaven Knows but am not really ‘in the know’ about main Radio stuff so trust all will go well with JTFTW. Do hope the Right Place shows up somewhere too (film?). Places I’ve Been would go well on an alt country station, I think. I think the songs are strong enough for people to connect to once they get airplay so will cross my fingers from here on in.

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