Taylor Hicks Album Survey

Thackeray, a board and blog regular, has created a survey asking how we rank the individual tracks on Taylor Hicks’ new album.

This survey is simple and quick to take, and gives pretty good insight into what fans think about each song.

To take this survey, click HERE.

And to view the results, click HERE.



22 Responses to Taylor Hicks Album Survey

  1. wwendy45 says:

    I Like Reading All Of The Input .But I Think What Is Inportant Is Taylor Hicks Is The Best Singer That Was ON American Idel. Because He Was Real And True To His Self And His Fans.And His Music Is From His Heart And His Soul And His Love For His music. And The Love He Sees On The Faces Of The People That Smile And Cry When Thay Hear That Wounderful Music and Hear The Voice That God Gave Him.

  2. Thackeray says:

    I’ve deactivated the survey so I can finish up data analysis. It’s been up a week, so I think most regular on-line fans have probably had a chance to see it. I may reactivate it later: maybe after radio play starts up more or after the tour starts. Hope people had fun with it.

  3. Julia says:

    I think RunAround should of not been his first song release
    When I listen to Taylor new Cd the one song I wasnt in to was RunAround.The more you listen to it ,it kind of grows on you. But I feel they made a mistake putting that song for his first song rlease. But that is just what I think.They should of relesed, Just the way I feel ,or The Mase ,Or Dream Myself Awake,I really like also The Right Place ,and Places ive been and Soul thing .All those songs are so much better then RunAround.I have been really enjoing his CD alot. I hope he does good with it. He deserves too.He is a good guy beside so much fun to watch perforning ,and I love his voice ,and style. Julia

  4. EJ says:

    Duh, I wasn’t hitting the continue button because it sorta looked like that would take me to the Results page, and I did not want to be influenced. I got it now, and I took the survey. BTW, the one place I got hung up was on the question about the single release. I answered for Top 40, but my answer for Adult Contemporary would have more reflected my own fave song choices. For instance, I think Give Me Tonight would get a lot of Top 40 airplay, but to me it’s a silly creampuff of a song that’s ho-hum.

  5. Thackeray says:

    Ej – The first page is just an introduction and it shows 16% to everyone. If you click “continue” it should go on to the next page, which is the rest of the survey. Then it should show 100%. Does the continue button not work, not show up, or was it just unclear what to do? If it’s the last, let me know – I can give better instructions. If it’s not showing up or not working for you, I don’t know what to do, but I’ll think of something.

    If the continue button does work, make sure you click the final continue button after taking the survey, otherwise your input isn’t recorded. I imagine that that’s where some of the incompletes are coming from.

  6. texastaylorfan says:

    That was fun, I love reading the results. Thanks for putting this together, Thackeray.

  7. EJ says:

    Whatever computer I try to do this on, the loading of the survey gets stuck at 16%. Wish I could take it….

  8. Thackeray says:

    The survey was posted after the single was announced, I believe. At least certainly after it was widely considered to be JTFTW. One of my reasons for doing it was that I wondered if other songs would emerege when people were given the chance to name more than their favorited. The earlier poll at GC showed JTFTW very strong well before the single was announced. But Taylor’s originals showed very, very low. It made we wonder if songs that were not number one with many people might well be number two with most. So in some unexpected free time I made a survey for ranking songs. That survey wasn’t all that great and so I aborted it and made this one. People seemed to find it easier to answer, so I let it run. It’s only been up since Sat.

    So, no, this isn’t scientfic. I’m just another fan who wanted to see what would show up if people would have more choices in saying what they’re thinking. I can tell yo that I gave little or no thought to methodology, I just built something that seemed reasonable for a casual collection of opinion.

  9. I think this was an intriguing idea and kudios to Thackeray for conceiving it. I love online research as a rule–we use it a great deal in my business as well.

    I know this is a random sample of the overall fan base demographic, but I have to say…are you surprised that over 88% of the respondents are female and almost 80% of them are over the age of 30? I presume this is not something you’d project across a perceived universe of a fan base, although I think it’s an accurate snapshot of the core of the current base. It would be interesting to use this initial study as a benchmark and to leverage some of the demographic questions in the years to come in order to track the shift of the audience demographic. I’d lay odds it will shift within two years.

    One other question for Thackeray: Was this study posted online before the choice for the single was announced? How many responses came in after that information was known? I don’t question your methodology, but I’d argue the heavy weighing “Just to Feel that Way” garners on the single selection question was influenced by the knowledge of the actual single and respondents may have been influenced to be supportive instead of objective.

    Again, thanks for your time on this Thackeray, and to Ash for posting the links on this site.

  10. lizbeth andrews says:

    The cd by Taylor was well worth the wait …. he delivers songs that remind me of blues men gone by. I always thought he should win but that particular season as all have discovered was loaded with talent. I can’t wait til he plays my home town on March fourth AND i AM WAITING FOR ANOTHER CD.

  11. Thackeray says:

    I plan to leave the survey up at least until Friday – I’d like to have this weekend to finish processing the data before my life gets busier next week. But if there’s a good reason to leave it longer, I can.

    One thing I think is worth noting is that on all the songs except the first two, the two highest evaluations given are “terrific” and “good”, not always in that order. That seems to me to be pretty strong, though I don’t have other album surveys to compare it to.

  12. bcath says:

    Interesting survey. Heaven Knows is coming up a real hit with fewer # of folks who don’t like it. But HK, JTFTW, Hat are so close, it’s amazing. It would be great to leave the survey up a bit longer to see if we can pick up some more guys (…so to speak). Right now, there’s not enough male respondants to make it valid. The age spread looks pretty good though. I think most people select radio songs based on what they hear on the radio. Don’t singles usually have “two sides”? I wonder if HK and JTFTW can be purchased together? I don’t know much about that side of the business. If I want a single recording, I just go to Itunes and there you go.

  13. katja says:

    I think they should have put HOAD on every cd…not just on the Walmart-edition. It’s definitely one of my favourites from the album.
    My picks for the single would be the ones that are on top 3 at the moment.

    My friend listened to the cd over the weekend (he listened it through 5 times)…anyway he said to me that he liked all of songs but “The Maze” and “Gonna Move” were the ones that stuck in the head most.

  14. Ms Ei says:

    You know Thack, I’ve been thinking about TRP. Friends and family (who knew of Taylor only from me) alike with whom I shared Taylor’s music instantly recognized it as a Bryan Adams song even if they do not know he co-wrote it. I think, there’s a similar sounding song that Adams released many years ago and became a huge hit here. (I forgot what that song was, though. I’m sorry.)

    They did not take the survey though, I’m just reporting that it could be the ‘familiarity’ which made TRP popular in MY circle. Just a thought here…

  15. Thackeray says:

    I know people are trying to pick what the public wants. That makes sense. And some things make total sense as not being the single, no matter how good: the covers, as you say, and also HOAD, sense it only appears on limited copies. But it seems a bit ironic that a song like RP is marked highly across all demographics, but low for single. The fact that almost all groups are rating it highly might mean that the public would, in fact, like it. Of course, this survey is almost certainly mostly taken by fans, so regardless of age, maybe we’re not a good representation of the gp.

  16. Cali50 says:

    I absolutely think people are thinking what “the public” would like when they answer the single question. I would not have picked JTFTW as my suggestion for a first single if I was just choosing my favorite song or if I was thinking, which was the most Taylor’s style. I probably would have gone with Heaven Knows or The Right Place. My favorite is WILMH, but I wouldn’t pick a cover as his first single either.

  17. Thackeray says:

    I’m starting to think about what other data displays would be useful. The software only makes the ones you’ve seen so far easily available. I can look at all the data, but there is a little work to cobbling together other analyses, since I’m not paying the big bucks for a professional license. Sooo……l’m thinking a chart that shows Male vs. Female scores on all thes songs (scores presented as per centage0 and a similar chart comparing the age groups. Is there anything else people are burning to see? In any case, I won’t do this until I close the survey because it’s too much trouble to do repeatedly.

    That said, here’s a couple of trends I’ve noticed so far that are interesting: Strongest songs among teens are HK, WILMH, JTFTW and RP – all got 80% terrific among teens. While 78% of all respondents think RP is terrific, only about 11% think it would make a good single. That’s even though it was strong across all sub groups. 100% of the people who said “If I told you, I’d have to kill you” on the album involveent question said that RP was terrific.

    I’m wondering if people are having a reaction similar to the one I had when I first heard Taylor in audition, namely: “this is the best singer I’ve ever heard, and there’s no way they’ll let him stay on idol.” Obviously I was wrong about that (thank God!!) But I wonder if there is still a tendancy to misjudge the general public’s ability to recognize how good this music is and how good he is on this music. I don’t want to re-open the single question, just raise the idea that our discrepancy between what we like and what we think should be on the radio might be based on a perhaps mistaken idea that only certain groups of people are going to like this side of Taylor.

  18. kyarilee says:

    Good survey Thackery. I agree, need a class on completing surveys LOL

  19. JaxNative says:

    Thank you Thackery!

    Mojave I agree … do we need a class?

  20. katja says:

    Good one Mojave! Bwahahahah…

  21. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I wanna talk with the 5 people who couldn’t complete this…

  22. YoursSoully says:

    Very interesting! Good job Thack! Enjoyed taking the survey and also fascinating to read the results…

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